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Thread: Winter on the east coast.

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    Winter on the east coast.

    If anyone out there can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I have an opportunity to spend some time in Norfolk on the coast doing a bit of sea fishing but fancy, if possible, to pull in some stalking or even a bit of foxing. Does anyone have any recommendations in the area that I could try.
    To be specific it's the Sea Palling area.

    Cheers chaps.

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    stalking wise have a word on here with mark howard (stalking england) top bloke with top sporting available and as for foxing he may be able to hook you up if not i can possibly sort someting for you

    as for the fishing sea palling round to cromer is all good and on to cley in place is vv good
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    Cheers spud that sounds good !

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