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Thread: Newbie from somerset

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    Newbie from somerset

    Thought I'd better say hello - I'm yet to get into stalking, but have been shooting rimfire, airguns and shotgun for pest control for many years now.
    A few of my land owners have approached me with a view to controlling the deer, so I'm now hoping to get into larger calibres. It's always been my intention, but I've not had the deer to warrant it on my permissions in the past. So up till now I've been just skulking in the corners on here.
    So now all I have to do is convince avon and somerset firearms
    Hopefully I might be able to find a local mentor...........

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    jcf1 welcome to the site mate there are some top guys on here always willing to help so any questions ask away.
    Were about in somerset are you based

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    I'm in Taunton, but have permissions here and further west in Exmoor direction.
    I know a fair few O'Sheas - that's the mother in laws maiden name.

    EDIT - pippa's just pointed out the obvious, in my defence its too late on a monday night to notice clever nicknames

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    Hi jcf1 - I'm close to you, Taunton's just 30 minutes from me...


    Do you shoot with the club at Vivary Park?


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    Hi Pippa - no - although one of my shoots backs onto the vivary golf course! Always good to know there's a few other yokels on here!

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    new stalker

    jcf1 i sometimes shoot near taunton myself well its a mates ground really but i can shoot it when i like.

    You are lucky having ground near exmoor an absolutely lovely place to stalk get that fac application sent of asap as apparently A&S still have a bit of a backlog three months ive heard.

    what calibre rifle are you asking for.

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    Well, 2 of my permissions are cleared for .308 but I'll probably stick to .243. Did consider 6.5x55 - but thought that a more familiar calibre would be better received on my variation application.

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    hi jcf1 im based in wellington and have roe stalking around taunton and sika & roe in dorset. welcome to the site


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    Hi Calvin, always good to hear from local folks - maybe we could swap a stalk sometime, I've got about 2000 acres permission around taunton, 500 with Roe. Hopefully may have a big red/roe shoot signed up around exmoor way soon too - and I don't even have the variation through yet!

    You'd be welcome to take any you shoot - in exchange for a bit of mentoring, I have a funny feeling A&S are going to ask for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivhar01
    hi jcf1 im based in wellington and have roe stalking around taunton and sika & roe in dorset. welcome to the site

    Hi calvin - must've missed your intro post while I was away... welcome to you too from another 'local'... I'm based between Minehead and Taunton... No land of my own as yet, but just got permission to stalk with another guy on his friends farm near Barnstaple - reds. Will be off for our first look-see in a couple of weeks time. Hoping to convert that into a solo permission once I've proved competency and trustworthiness to the landowner.

    jcf1 - is your variation being processed now? Got any idea when your visit will be? Are you in Hannah Bays' patch, or is it someone else, do you know?


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