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Thread: S&B 6x42 (H) 30mm

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    S&B 6x42 (H) 30mm

    as per title, only a couple years old (ie. recent model) condition 9/10. no crimping, lenses in great condition, paint 9.5/10.

    yours for 350 RMSD

    pics by email if you want and are seriously interested.

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    Bump and re-price, will bow to market pressures, 250 + RMSD no lower and no offers.

    bank transfer and can post tomorrow, ready for the weekend!!

    that's as good as free money!

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    Crikey, what a deal. Just bought a Docter so cannot afford another one yet. I do not think it will be here until my next pay day.


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    still for sale for full upfront cash or bank transfer, although cervus has a note of interest in it should nothing else materialise

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    sold to plonker subject to transaction completing

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