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Thread: Wife wants a rifle.......

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    Wife wants a rifle.......

    As the title says, my wife has now decided that she wants her own rifle; she has been shootong with me on numerous occcasions, and much to the disgust of our three sons, is actually quite good!
    She has no interest in shotguns, and the only rifle she wants is a .22 for rabbits and paper.
    The selection of a rifle is not the issue; what I/we have to decide, is whether I simply put in a variation for a 2nd .22, or she applies for her own FAC.
    In either case, I would have to either fit a 2nd safe, or get a bigger safe, as my current one is full with rifles and shotguns.
    So, which option would you guys go for (bearing in mind, she doesn't drive so she would still only go shooting wkth me anyway)?

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    From personal experience, I would say that not having a car doesn't mean that you can't go shooting on your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    From personal experience, I would say that not having a car doesn't mean that you can't go shooting on your own.
    I too have travelled on buses and trains with my shooting gear (and carrying dead animals of various breeds) but my Mrs. prefers to travel by car when possible!

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    I suggest you let her have what she wants.! Own FAC, you don't need to drive, I have a different invite every weekend! No more worries about what it costs!

    A few more women needed out there!


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    if my wife wants a rifle it wont be a case of let her have what she wants ,it proberly would be,i have a gun safe in the back of the truck can you give me a lift out with it im getting a rifle .
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    Your wife gets her own certificate and shares your firearms on it including her new .22 which will be on yours as well. It is done, a friend shares his firearms with his son on two separate certificates and I've done it with my father in the past.
    You may just need to separate the shotguns from rifles in two separate safes unless she gets a shotgun certificate as well.

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    Wife wants rifle: Be afraid!!!! Joking apart it would be better for her to get her tickets and put all the stuff on both so that if one had an minor accident or was taken ill the other could just look after the security of everything without any problems. Also she might like a shorter LoP and a few other things. More women needed in the sport I say as well.


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    Count your blessings!

    Personally, a separate FAC makes things easier in the long run and avoids any 'administrative crime' aggro with the police - if your force is that way inclined. In that vein, put all items on both certificates.

    Dont forget to sign up to one of the shooting organisations - one day they will switch on to much more attractive deals to encourage this!

    Aside from the pure enjoyment of shooting you have, as a side effect, increased both FAC numbers and membership of an organisation and helped open up things for 50% of the Uk population that is largely excluded from the sport.
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    Thankyou for your replies lady and gents.

    We have discussed it, and will go with the prevailing opinions (her own FAC).

    The only (small) concern that she now has, is that she thinks she might not be granted one, as she "doesn't know enough about guns and bullets."

    I have reassured her that her handling is fine, and that as long as seems sensible and safety concious, there should be no major issues I hope I'm right, although there is obviously a while to go before we have to worry about that!

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