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Thread: New member from Minnesota

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    New member from Minnesota


    Greetings from Northern Minnesota.

    Joined the site as i am interested in hunting Ireland. We have some ditributors over there and it sounds like i might be visting for business.

    Have been hunting for 30 years. Mainly whitetail deer every year up here in Minnesota

    Have also hunted the following
    South Africa - Starter Safari
    Newfoundland, Canada - Woodland Caribou
    Nunavut (up in the Arctic), Canada - Twice for Central Canadian Caribou
    Alaska - Twice - Moose and Barren Ground Caribou
    Saskatchewan, Canada - Whitetail Deer
    Colorado - Elk and Mule Deer
    Nebraksa - Whitetail and Mule Deer
    Montana - Elk and Mule Deer

    Calibers shot
    .280 and .338 Winchester Mag.

    Try to go on a hunt every year or every other.


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    hunt in Ireland

    I have visited all the countries in the UK. I have hunted in England and Scotland. I have fished in Ireland. I may be wrong, but my sense is that while stalking is available in The Republic of Ireland, it is a far less organized "business" than in Scotland or England. If your business is in Northern Ireland, things may go better. The ownership of sporting firearms is heavily regulated in the UK and Ireland, a real change for Americans. I have taken my rifle several times, with no snags, but I was working with a UK outfitter- who knows the ropes. I would very strongly endorse a hunt in Scotland for either Red Deer or Sika. These are typically late Sept. to Mid October. I can guarantee that the mechanisms to accomplish this goal are more developed than those to hunt in Ireland. Good Luck, and persevere.

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    Welcome to the site.

    I lived (and hunted) in Texas for a couple of years but haven't hunted elsewhere in the US, so will be interested to hear about how different things are on that side of the pond. You'll find a lot of us over here look at the US with envy, particularly when it comes to things like Cabela's

    As wnypaul says, our firearms laws are a lot more draconian here in the UK than they are State-side, but by contrast our hunting laws are - at least in my opinion - a lot more liberal. Here in the UK, dependent upon the species, I can hunt deer all year round and there's no limit or 'tagging' like there was in Texas.

    If you ever get the chance to fly a little bit further to England then be sure to let us know. There's a lot of hunting available within 2 hours of Heathrow and you can always use the 'estate rifle' facility if you dont want to bring over your own rifle.

    Look forward to hearing more about hunting in the North Star state.


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