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Thread: Glove Sizes

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    Glove Sizes

    Hi All
    i am thinking about buying a pair of stalking/ shooting gloves online but notice that they come in several sizes
    Since I am not a regular glove wearer I haven't got a clue what size will fit me
    Is there an easy way to find out other than finding some in a suitable shop and trying them on before I buy online?
    Any particular reccomendations would be helpful as well

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    Traditionally, glove size is the same as your foot size but, with so many new makers and with so much stuff imported now, this may no longer be the case. If you do try on in a shop it is only right to buy from them rather than trying to save a couple of quid on the Internet, nothing to stop you asking if they can match a price though. A game fair is probably a good place to look. In my opinion, the old HM Queen and sons pilots gloves are still the best stalking gloves but these really must fit perfectly as there is no give in them. The later desert combat gloves are very good too.

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    Thanks for that Glyn 1
    Shooting gear shops are a bit thin on the ground around here.
    ​ I used to have ex MOD flying gloves many years ago and , as you say they have to fit
    looks like I might have to go to Wet Mid Gamefair again

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    measure across the knuckles of your 4 fingers.

    I like my MacWets. I had an issue with the sticking on one pair, it turned out they were to big. spoke to MacWets and they sent me 3 pairs, all 1/2 size different. one pair was spot on. i gave the other two pairs to friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by activeviii View Post
    measure across the knuckles of your 4 fingers.
    I thought it was the measurement in inches all the way round the hand at the four knuckles.

    For shooting, I use Chester Jeffries silk-lines leather specimens.
    For stalking, Barbour's fingerless woollen knitted gloves.

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