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Thread: Rifle butt too short :(

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    Rifle butt too short :(

    I am looking for some advice. I have inherited a Voere, in 8.68 caliber. Its a really nice old rifle still with several boxes of rounds from the original owner.
    The issue I have is the but is too short. As it is 8.68, its got quite a kick and the scope moves back closer to the eye than I feel comfortable with.
    which is where options come in.
    I have seen butt extensions within a leather type sock. also rubber butt extensions which can be screwed in. I am looking for approx. 2" of extension.

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    2" is to long to do in a recoil pad IMHO. With a nice old rifle like yours I extend the stock in walnut by 1 1/2" and then add a nice silvers style pad for recoil.

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    I agree with Welsh Warrior, 2" is too much for a pad I reckon. Talk to someone local or maybe even talk to Voere? Or better yet one of their dealers. According to their website there in Hungary "Domokos Epitoipari Szolgaltato KFT" (Dealers)


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    For what it's worth, I have an old .22 rimfire Voere, although I've had it 40 years, when I contacted Voere direct, quite recently, they sent me recoil and firing pin springs free of charge.

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    Thanks all, I tried Domokos Epitoipari Szolgaltato KFT some weeks ago, to no avail, they were more interested in selling a new rifle.

    I have mailed Voere in Germany, who have asked me to bring the rifle over, and look at a refit for the whole stock, A good excuse for a weekend out in Nemetorsag. As I am a furniture/cabinet maker, I did look to match the stock and fit my own extension, but could not find any suitable walnut to give it justification.

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    Is it a standard 98 Action? Could you not just restock it and keep the original? (might be least fuss of all)



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    Try one of the rubber slip on pads first and see if it helps.

    Of course a trip the factory should not be passed up .

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    You'll never get a true match I have in the past airbrushed stuff in etc but its never perfect.

    In my mind a walnut extension done well is not something to hide I tend to show it off a little go up a grade or two of timber and let everyone see its extend says I know my gun must fit me not anyone else and look what a great job has been done of this extension.

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    Am going to Germany next weekend, given there is no joy, will make the extension in zebrano, welshwarrior is right why try to hide it. As it is, its no ordinary rifle, its my rifle, lets make it unique, if I go down this route will post a picture, of before and after.

    Thanks all,

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    try a spacer and a full size silvers pad. chances are you do not want a full 2",,few people realise this, but a too long stock actually increases the felt recoil, and often you will shoot it with a thick jacket on an 1" less than you think is probably 'about right' Sir

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