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Thread: Decent Game Bag

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    Decent Game Bag

    I need to purchase myself a new game bag prior to the start of the pheasants this year.

    Looking for one that will take a few birds (in case I have a lucky drive) with a decent net on the front with larger mesh.

    Any recommendations for a decent one or even any for sale 2nd hand?

    ​Would prefer a waterproof one.



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    I mite have a new one in the garage, having bit of a clear out of all surplus stuff so I'll have a look tomorrow and get back to you with my findings if it helps!

    ​thanks bullet

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    Hi David

    if you are interested we can offer a fully UK manufactured bag which is based on a popular Brady design, although we have incorporated a few useful features such as waist strap to stop the bag from swinging when encountering gates, fences etc, also there is a full width zip pocket on the rear side for extra storage.

    More details can be seen on the link below.

    Balmoral Game Bag


    ​Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I have an absolutely fantastic one that was made by Margett Leather Goods before they seemed to give up. I haven't seen another one like it in the UK. It has two separate sections, one canvas with a sort of Neoprene waterproof lining fir carrying game, with a net on the front. The other half is calfskin, for you kit, sandwiches etc. I'll gladly provide photos and dimensions if anyone wants to clone it.

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    Could do with one too, David. Don't think they make keepers game bags any more. Wide shoulder strap and strap buckle for removal rather Than lifting it over your head.

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    Montrose rope & sail used to do them and they were huge and just hose out at end o the day ....still got mine
    probably do one if you phoned up and asked


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    I've a chapmans game bag used it for 5 years now but my dad had it 20 years before that still going strong few stains they replaced a buckle for me as one of the leather snapped and I lost it I think to a barb wire fence that jumped out and attacked me.

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    Sorted, Cheers Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    Sorted, Cheers Rob

    Did you get the Balmoral one? I am looking for a decent game bag so just wondered what you thought of it?


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    A big thank you to Rob at Monarch Country products (Cheshire Lad) for my balmoral game bag which arrived today. That is the fourth time I have bought items from this company and the products, communication and delivery have all been excellent.

    The game bag itself is very well stitched with a large removable waterproof type tartan liner, attached front and back with studs for easy removal.

    The net on the front is large and has big enough holes to allow loose feathers etc to fall away unlike some of the cheaper small meshed varieties on sale.

    The stud fastenings on the front allow the bag to be opened quickly if required and there is a canvas belt on the rear of the bag which allows me to attach it to my waist to stop it swinging around.

    A further large zipped pocket on the rear has further space for gloves, towel, shotgun certificate, hipflask etc.

    The shoulder and waist straps are made of canvas; the fastenings on the front are leather as is the edging around the whole bag.

    I won’t be using this until my first shooting date in October but first impressions are this bag is excellent quality and well worth the money. If anyone is considering a new game bag I would recommend giving Rob a pm and ordering one up.

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