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Thread: Pupp Gone Mad

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    Pupp Gone Mad

    Evening all from sunny Kenya,

    Just got off the phone to the wife back in the UK and to say she is not a happy bunny would be putting it lightly, let me explain.

    I have a Labrador puppy at home who is now 11 months old, up until i left for Kenya he has been as good as gold and not chewed anything in the house for a long time.

    The wife recently got a Pomerian puppy for herself and the two seem to be getting along fine.

    The problem began when i left for Kenya and my dog has started to chew everything in site. He has trashed two beds now and when he is put in his cage with his water bowl (If she goes out) then he has chewed that also. Now the water bowl problem can be sorted by buying a steel one but has anyone got any ideas to as why he may be doing this and also a solution to prevent it.

    She is adament that it is because I am not there but i just don't know.

    Any help or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated as the wife is on the verge of getting rid of him lol

    Cheers lads and lasses


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    He is taken out everyday across the heath and also to the park to play, he spends the rest of the day playing with the wives puppy. I have no real idea as im not at home just now.

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    Probably not boredom then, does he have dedicated "chewy toys" which he would most likely prefer to chew instead of furniture?

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    he does mate yeah, it only seems to be his bedding and water/food bowls. i thought he should of grown out that by now and like i sated at beginning, he has only started it since i left for Kenya.

    Im stumped and she is raging lol

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    I imagine it's because you are away.
    Would some bones to chew on help ?
    If it's possible take him out more often, I know not always practical though.

    ​Tough one to cure though.

    My malinois is the same, drives me mad. Not a peep out of her while we are at home, leave her behind and it is like the world is going to end.

    Its nearly wrecked a galv kennel run by bouncing off it.

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    Sorry chap, when you wrote that he'd trashed two beds I thought you meant wooden bed frames! can't think of any other suggestions at the moment I'm afraid........

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    Its a lab thing . It's just because his or her master is away mine is the same when I leave for offshore won't listen to the wife or any1 else but when I am home she won't leave my side and is good as gold . Wel most of the time lol

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    tell your wife to give the pup a piece of your clothing -old tee shirt etc - as a comfrot blanket. make sure it has your smell on it. That may help with any seperation issues. If it does not work them maybee not a seperation issue and something else. Tje extent of my knowledge has been reached.

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    My old mans cocker does similar if he's left alone, bedding out of his cage and chewed up is all though. Just seems to be a sign of his disgruntlement at being left alone.

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