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Thread: Knives of Alaska

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    Knives of Alaska

    Anyone got any of these knives and used them, they do a good hunting set at a reasonable price, just wondering if they are a good buy


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    I bought their Jaeger suregrip boning knife in the states some years ago. Cost $80 then and it is the best designed knife I have ever owned (I have a couple of custom knives as well but this is the best design). The Suregrip handle is excellent. The knife has boned out hundreds of fish and deer. With no problems. If I have one criticism I would have liked a better quality metal for the blade as it does not seem (at least in my hands) to hold a edge well


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    I think they offer good value for money.
    check out they have a good choice.

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    i have the brown bear combo apart from a little fettling of the scales well happy


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    Got a Light Hunter Suregrip Combo sat in the cupboard if you're interested. Don't think I ever used it..... bought from Cabelas donkeys ago.

    Blades untouched... the big skinner blade is that sharp it's shaved slivers leather from the sheath when taking it out/putting it back! (But nothing desperate!)

    Drop me a pm if you're interested and I'll send a pic or two.



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    great knives have a bear capper for small game, can be barstewart to sharpen if let to get to blunt, but once sharp holds a edge

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    they look a goodbit of kit. I take it they ship to uk?

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    As far as I am aware they do ship to the uk, waiting to hear back on blade steel available and shipping costs


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    you can buy them in the uk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    you can buy them in the uk.
    I bought a set on line last year. The company is based and shipped from Texas. It took ten days to get them to Ireland.
    I love them and I ever make it to Cabelas again I would buy more of these knives.


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