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Thread: Sellier and Bellot ammo

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    Sellier and Bellot ammo

    Hiya, Can anyone tell me anything about this make of ammo ?. Got some S & B empties given to me today, and they look and feel like decent quality...TBH, I've not heard of them before...
    Looked at their website,and done a search on here too, but personal views would be great.

    Thanks in advance guys..

    Sorry, they were .243... and empty cases with the primer in weigh 12gr , same as Privi...
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    Sellier Bellot - Rifle ammunition

    They're what I use in my Remington. They give good consistent groups. Not tried them on a deer but they destroyed the last fox I got with them!

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    Excellent...Thanks for that Teabag...much appreciated...I've got a Remy 700, and wouldnt mind trying them...will need to find a supplier..

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    My mate has used them in his 308 he recons the stretch quite a lot. Did use some in 303 a while ago and they semed ok to me

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    Nowt wrong with them. Good solid performers.

    I used to get them from Roding Armoury when i lived in Essex. We'd shoot Muntys on an old boys farm and in return he'd let us come back in the winter for the wildfowling.

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    good ammo for the price why pay for over priced ammo when sellier & bellot or privy will do just fine. some say its not as good as the over priced ammo but I have always found it shoots and groups well in my rem 700.

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    They make excellent stuff, I used to shoot their .223 bullets from a heavy barreled Remmy, Can't remember having a runner when I used them.
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    Ammo is ok, reusing the brass is mediocre. Last I used some the primer pockets weren't very consistent - .308 cases.

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    I was just going to say, don't praise them too much, or everyone will start buying it, the manufacturers will realise that they are doing something right, and raise their prices beyond reach!

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    [QUOTE=teabag_46;637959]I was just going to say, don't praise I'll look up my notes on 303 S & B but they were certainly preferred to HXP that is sure. Don't have details to hand....will re-post Tuesday.

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