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Thread: beretta advice please

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    beretta advice please

    hi all, im looking at trading in my old shotgun. Ive also been keen on beretta 686 silver pigeon but dont really know that much about them, there seems to few differernt versions to. i perfere an 30'' barrel, but not sure weather to stick with 12g or go for an 20g this time.
    just woundering what the best value for money is and input on model would be great
    many thanks

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    What do you intend to use it for? Have you chosen the baretta for s specific reason and have you considered the other brands in your price range.

    ​Most important of all - have you handled one and does it fit you?

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    yes i have use one, only a couple of times but it fits me well. i would use it for most aspects, rough shooting through to clays, i know its not always the best thing to do, but i do the same with my current shotgun and it seems to work me.

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    As ever with shotguns, it's always best to try out the gun you like to make sure it fits you. This is true of the different gauges as well, as the Beretta 20g guns I have tried are much lighter in the hands than the 12g versions, although I'd imagine the stock geometry is the same for each model, sporters having different from game etc.
    20g is a great shotgun,I love mine, but will cost more to feed, so if you're doing clays regularly it can get expensive.

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    I shoot with a 20g Silver Pigeon and really like it, don't see the need for a 12g and it's a lot lighter to carry around. Just use a good cartridge like RC Sipe.

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    Hi, I have a 2 year old silver pigeon 1 sporter ( 12 bore & 30 inch barrels ) which I bought new.I mainly use it for clay pigeon shooting but have used it for pigeon shooting from a hide also, the gun is great for clays and the occasional game shooting session and reviews always mark it as one of the very best sporter buys you can get. It is however pretty heavy at a shade under 8lb.This is great for clays and pigeons as the weight helps absorb the recoil of a long shooting session, but it is a bit heavy for carrying around all day in the field I feel , especially if you are only going to shoot a relatively small number of cartridges.
    I believe the game version is lighter and I believe the 20 bore is substantially lighter. However - if you are biased mainly towards clays but can handle the weight for rough shooting then the sporter is an excellent all round gun.

    Another shotgun which may be worth a look at is the browning 525 game version, this was reviewed by mike Yardley and he said it was one of the best all round guns he had ever used and very much the equal of the silver pigeon 1, he specifically recommended the game version for clays and game shooting!

    Hope this helps.
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    You will go a long way to beat the 686 I have had one in 20 for many yrs now and never been let down .a second hand one well looked after command good money and I'm sure I'd get what I paid for my last one as it has really great wood I'd go as far as saying I've seen EELL s with a lot worse timber so pick your gun !
    There are many other brands on the market Caesar ,browning but I think for the money berretta take some beating.

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    I have had beretta's for close on 20 years, including side by side, over & unders and a semi auto, they fit me perfect which is the main reason for staying with beretta. Regarding the different versions its all down to the size of you wallet, there are loads about so shop around. If a beretta fits you then you won't go far wrong and as long as you look after it it will serve you well.
    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    Thanks for the advice, think I will stay with 12g as I havent used a 20g much.
    weight wise soon have it more weighty. At the moment I have an lanber sporter deluxe 30''
    Which has been a great shotgun.
    I have looked around and yes the timber dose seem to vary.
    Many thanks for your input

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    Exactly my choice of gun, gauge and ammo!! Fantastic stuff, I also tend to choke mine half and half which results in very few pricked birds. Great little gun and I love it
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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