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Thread: Rifle Ammunition on Aircraft

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    Rifle Ammunition on Aircraft

    I am about to book a flight to Europe and I am trying to work out the requirements of packing the amunition:

    Air Lingus states:

    "Ammunition is limited to 5kg per passenger and must be packed in containers of wood, metal, or fireboard with the contents protected against any movement"

    In the past I just kept the amunition seperate from the rifle in the original packaging. Has anyone got experience what the airline has in mind? Or where I could get a specalist ammunition case?


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    I've always used a metal petty cash box and stuck it in my check in luggage.

    All changed for South Africa now as you have to use a seperate lockable container that doesn't go in your luggage.


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    My advice is to call the airline and speak with them direct as to what their expectations are, that way you shouldn't fall foul of anything.

    Remember try to get a name of who you were talking to and get them to put their advice in writing and take it with you to check-in.

    Its not bullet proof [don't you just love puns ] but it should take a lot of "noise" out of the system.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangefinder

    My advice is to call the airline and speak with them direct as to what their expectations are, that way you shouldn't fall foul of anything.

    Remember try to get a name of who you were talking to and get them to put their advice in writing and take it with you to check-in.

    Its not bullet proof [don't you just love puns ] but it should take a lot of "noise" out of the system.

    Thanks fot the note RF:

    I have spoken to the airline and their advice was useless to say the least, I was more confused after the call.

    I do not have a special container at the moment, so if I buy somthing I want it to be the right thing which I can use in the future. Any advice?

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    Have you looked at the small pelican containers? They are very strong, airtight, watertight and lockable and more importantly baggage handler proof.

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    Blatter, which airport are you flying from?

    I have flown a few times with Aer Lingus, they are great flying out of either Dublin or Belfast.

    You want the little metal cash box you can pick up on ebay for 10-15. It will hold two boxes of center fire rounds and the bolt of the rifle. If you are using handloads, pack them into factory ammo boxes.

    This sort of thing:

    Just pack it among the stuff in your suitcase.

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    The best case on the market is a peli 1200 case You can buy them from yours martyn 52

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    I have booked a flight with Aerlingus and I will be taking a rifle and ammunition.

    I have spoken to a few people who have taken rifles and ammo with them and everyone of them concurs with Claret dabbler.

    Do not listen to anyone that says take a peli case as they are not made of wood, metal or fireboard.

    A peli case may be very durable, water tight etc etc.. but it is clearly stated on the website of Aerlingus that ammo must be carried in a container made of the above 3 materials.

    Get yourself a petty cash tin and you're all sorted, as long as it's metal and lockable you're laughing.


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    I vote cheap steel Petty Cash Tin. I put mine in my case alongside a roll of gaffa tape. On occasions if the wind blows from the North or West the airline decides that the ammo box must be seperate from the suitcase. This normaly happens just a minute before the flight departs. If so I tape it up after it has been checked to avoid it bursting if dropped. I'm told firearms and ammo VERY rarely get touched by anyone as if anything goes missing the cack realy hits the fan for any handlers involved. Sounds logical.
    Just allow plenty of time for check in.


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    I just posted the message below somewhere else. It may be helpful here as well. One more bit of info. I had put the ammo in a plastic ammo box holding max. 50 rounds (5 at my local gunshop), no extra lock.

    '....Hi, I came back yesterday from a few days hindstalking in Scotland. Some interesting experiences to share:
    I booked a flight from Gatwick to Inverness with Easyjet online. You will be shown an option to include Fire arms, so I did. You will than have to call their customer service to re-confirm, which I did. They than told me to check-in my ammo (I intended to carry only 40 rounds with me on this trip) seperate from the rifle (of course), but, I could not put it in my 'normal' suitcase. That would have meant a very small box (holding max 50 bullets) going on the belt etc. and bound to be lost somewhere along the line. They appreciated my concern and told me I could put the ammo in my rifle case! Got even written confirmation on this.

    At the airport check-in desk (with firearms check-in 90minutes before take off) an Easyjet official came down to do the paper work. He told me that I could not carry the bullets in my rifle case but could carry the bullets in my normal suitcase. He was obviously very surprised when I showed him the e-mail from their customer service department. A baggage handler turned up and I had to accompany him with the rifle to a special luggage check-in. All went fine...sofar.

    Arrived in Inverness. Baggage Handler personally delivered the rifle case ( a Storm Case IM3300), checked my FAC, done. BUT my suitcase had not arrived. Suitcase lost, airport police involved (all very nice and helpfull people though), jumped in a rental car and went straight to Inverness, Castle Street and luckily Grahams gunshop stock a very large variety of ammo.. Suitcase arrived, via Belfast, back in Inverness 2 days later and a courier took the case to my hotel.

    Yesterday flew back, went through a similar check-in procedure at Inverness (smaller airport and they have more experience with transport of FireArms). Small problem I had though, I had ended up with many more rounds I initially intended to carry with me. I solved that by spending quite a bit of time on a range the day before. Anyway, plane arrived and with my own eyes I saw the rifle case plus my suitcase going on the plane.
    Back in London, baggage handler at the belt accompanied me to a special point in the terminal and there my rifle was handed over by another handler after he had checked my FAC, BUT no suitcase! The suitcase, back in Inverness was labelled clearly with a FireArm tag because it carried ammo, on top of the 'normal' luggage labels etc..

    Deja vu In the end the handlers (again they were very helpfull) found the case after an half hour with not a single lable or other identification on it.

    One can certainly raise some questionmarks regarding the security, right?

    Had a good couple of days stalking though and very good weather, (compared to the atrocious weather in the South East). Will certainly take my rifle again, but be aware !...'

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