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Thread: .300 Win Mag

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    .300 Win Mag

    Right, I am seeking the views of those who have actually owned & shot this cal, I already have the guidance of seeing this in action on Reds,........ I would like any other expansions of views on this cal from the membership please,
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    My first rifle was a 300 Win Mag. A custom rifle on a Sako action, Swarovski 1.5-6x42 in a German Claw hook mount. Still regret selling it, but it was VERY heavy and I like light rifles. Shot about 10 head with it and everything dropped as hit by lightning. In my opinion a tremendous killer, but needs weight ( or a moderator or muzzlebrake) to have an acceptable recoil. Even in a 4.5 kg rifle recoil is very noticeable. I sometimes use a friends 7mm RM and this seems to kill almost the same with slightly less recoil.
    If I could try a T3 lite in 300 Win mag with a good light moderator and recoil would be acceptable, I would get one tomorow. I just don't want a rifle that weights more than 4kg ready to go.

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    I've used 300 win mags off and on for about 30 years now. I used it primarily as a large game ( moose, elk, large bear) rifle. It does have excellent long range capabilities, even with heavier 200 gr Nosler bullets, which is what I used for moose etc. I also used it for white-tails and mule deer with well constructed 180 gr bullets, I found I got less meat loss that way. When loaded with the !80's it has a lot of "reach". The 300 win mag is a very popular all around cartridge out here, for a good reason, it is capable of taking any medium to large game we have.The downside is substantial recoil, to be honest too much for some. It's nothing that can't be overcome with proper shooting technique and regular practise though. If you're looking for a powerful, flat shooting caliber it is an excellent choice. That being said I now use a 30-06 for the same range of game, but the 300 win mag does have a lot more reach and horse power than the 06 does. I was always satisfied with my 300's performance, especially when the ranges got longer and the game got bigger. Hope this helps.


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    I can only comment of range use as I never got to stalk with mine when I had it. Mine was a Ruger No1B in 300 win mag. It was this cartridge that first used the 165 grain Speer through. of course that was before the stupidity of the expanding section Five ammunition.

    The recoil is not as bad as a lot make out if the rifle fits one properly. I only sold mine as I was buying Three antique Boer Mausers and needed to trade it to make up the amount.

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    I own a sako L61R love it the action is super sweet and it is very accurate ,the recoil is more than my 270 but it is no bother if you think about what you are doing but no different to any other larger cal ,it wont be leaving my ownership till i get sent on my way in a wooden box.atb wayne
    ps forgot to say mine is unmodded or breaked, i have shot reds roe and fox none complained as they didn't move afterwards
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    I have a 20+yr Steyer-Mannlicher, used abroad and here, Roe/Fallow. Makes the point when you ask it to...
    Vit N160/180grn Nosler Partition works for me.
    Although (perceived) recoil may not be for everyone try it with an open mind......


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    My 300WM is no heavier than any of my other rifles, and fitted with a reflex T8 moderator the recoil is noticeable but very similar to my 308. I don't notice the difference. It has a sported barrel and shoots 1/2 MOA, much cheaper to reload than buy factory ammo. Shot Roe and red with it using heavy bullets, limiting the meat damage to the smaller deer.

    ​Good luck if you do get one.

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    I bought my First one five years ago. It is a Blaser sporter barrel and came with a detachable muzzle brake. The brake is very effective and the recoil is considerably Dampened. It is a different animal when the brake is removed but perfectly manageable. With a moderator, it akin to shooting an air rifle.

    2 years ago I added Semi Weight barrel to the collection. It is relatively easy to shoot and I will try it with a mod for the first time next October. I use Blaser 165 gr CDP ammunition and they will clover leaf on the range but the sporter barrel needs 10 mins to cool down after 2 shots.

    In terms of stopping power, it is very effective and reasonably flat shooting dropping 3 inches at 200m and 12 inches at 300m. Used it in Austria last week and was very pleased with it.

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    I have seen Tam's 300.
    nice bit of kit!

    I haven't picked mine up yet (found a Tikka) but I did all the same homework you are doing
    I have a 270 but wanted to use heavier bullets at similar velocities and trajectory. Seems to be just the ticket

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    Sako TRG-S 300WM. 180 N Vulkans.

    Same rifle pre paint 180 Nosler patrition

    They work well and play hard,they kill a lot of game too but as Hales Smut said " I sometimes use a friends 7mm RM and this seems to kill almost the same with slightly less recoil."

    I thoroughly agree with that too.

    T3 lites in 300WM I believe are too much gun for the new chums that are starting out. Used Guns in Australia has so many T3`s for resale but mainly 300`s and 9.3`s often with the "only fired 20 shots or so" that says something eh!
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