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Thread: Bestard boots

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    Bestard boots

    A few years ago Bushwear had Bestard boots in their range. Does anybody have experience with them? In a New Zealand article I read that they are very light. About 200 grams lighter a boot ( 400 grams a pair ) compared to a similar Lowa boot.

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    I think they now do a lightweight Kevlar boot.

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    yes good boots made in spain but there is no uk importer. You have to buy them online from europe

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    I have them (got from bushwear about 4 years ago), love them in every way.

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    They are made in Mallorca.
    Spanish friends swear by them, but there is no UK importer.
    I've been around the factory and was highly impressed, but they didnt have my size in the factory shop.

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    I've had a pair for 10 years and worn them often in extreme conditions of ice and snow with just a thin pair of socks and they have been brilliant. Mine are the top of the range version with the kevlar outer.My missus got mine from bushwear. I normally take a 10 but they are a small fit so we got 11's.

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    Heads up for bestard boots. Sportpursuit are doing a sale at the moment and there are good discounts, including for the hunting boot linked above. I have never used them so can not say if they are good or not, but it is a good deal.

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    Small fitting and narrow. Try before you buy.

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    Ballistech Ireland sell them.

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    I've had 2 pair both from Bushwear and they are spot on

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