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    Hand mincer

    Any one got a quality hand mincer they don't want.
    ive got a quality electric one but there has been times when I lifted dice and and fancied a mince dish and not worth while using my Elric one to strip it down and wash and if I run out of mince can use a pack of dice.
    ​thought I'd ask here first as I ain't a huge fan of evil bay.

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    Look in any Charity Shop for a SPONG mincer.

    They clean up nicely and for all of 50p - 1


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    Restaurant I am working with offered me one last week. I will be there again on Tuesday, if they still have it, it is yours for just postage. Will let you know late pm on Tuesday.

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    Cheers pointer, look forward to receiving a message.


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    Mincer put in skip half hour before I got there!!!!!!!!!. I did take a look but couldn't see it for all other rubbish. Sorry, did my best. Hope you find one, have u tried cabelas or bush wear?

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    Weeman, I have one, used once.....mrs bought it for me, will have to enquire about price. Boxed with all the bits n bobs....

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    Cheers let me no cost etc..

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    Sorry about the delay weeman, PM you....

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    All sorted and a pleasure to do business with Wullz in every aspect.

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