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Thread: Has anyone here had a Steyr Prohunter rebarreled?

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    Question Has anyone here had a Steyr Prohunter rebarreled?

    I'm thinking having my Steyr Prohunter rebarrelled. I was wondering if anyone has actually had this done, and by whom?
    My local gunsmith is prepared to take on the job, but I'd like to have as much info from as many sources as possible before taking the plunge.

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    Had a Steyr Mannlicher professional M for many years, loved it but it had a system where the barrel was fused to the action, not screwed, this meant cutting it off, rethreading the action to accept the new barrel. More expensive than other rebarreling jobs, if yours is the same, I bought a new Sauer 202 for £350 more than having it rebarreled, shame as I loved the gun, yours may not be the same, but if is, buy another gun. deerwarden

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    I'm pretty sure the Prohunter has the same fused on barrel arrangement which I'm sure will cost a fair wedge over the standard cost of a rebarrel.
    I'm trying to figure out if I should rebarrel, or sell the rifle and replace with what I want. This is complicated but as I've already bought a Macmillan stock and the expensive high capacity magazine kit for the Steyr, which would undoubtedly sell for far less than I paid. Finally, I intend to rebarrel to 6.5x47, which is not available as a factory rifle, so I'd be looking at a rebarrel whatever the rifle. I'm just wondering how much more I might have to pay for having that done to the Steyr?

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    I could be wrong here & if so I'm sure I'll be corrected......anyway, here goes!

    Steyr-Mannlicher barrels were fitted to their actions by heating up the action/receiver to expand the mounting aperture ready to receive the barrel.
    The barrel was dipped in nitrogen oxide to 'freeze-shrink' the metal, then the two parts assembled.

    When at normal temperature once again there is firm 'friction fit' that will not easily come apart again. I feel pretty sure that's how they were assembled....whether they still utilise the same process is a different matter.

    It may be if the process is still being used, the way to remove the old barrel will be to heat up the receiver where the barrel is located. There is a probability the reciever will heat up faster than the barrel, allowing the barrel to then be removed.
    Personally, I think you need an expert in the process, but I am aware of Mannlichers being re-barrelled. Where the work has been done, I do not know. Cheers, ATB
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    I'm pretty sure you're correct that the barrel is an interference fit of some kind, and is not conventionally threaded. This means that the original 308 barrel would be destroyed upon removal, but the action could then be threaded for a replacement barrel.
    I'd like to find out if anyone has actually had this done, and if it was crazy expensive. Finally, the Prohunter has an unusual rotating collar inside the action that encases the bolt lugs, so was wondering if this presents a problem.

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    In the late 1970's / early 80's Steyr target rifles enjoyed a degree of popularity for fullbore target rifle shooting, as with other Steyr rifles these had barrels which were shrunk-fit into the action (as described above). This was probably no disadvantage to the vast majority of sporting users but a fullbore target rifle may fire a couple of thousand rounds a year so barrel changes were frequent. Fultons at Bisley used to remove the old barrel & then thread the action. Once it was done subsequent barrel changes were problem free.

    The Steyr method of shrinking the barrel into the action may have a small theoretical advantage (ref Vaughan's book on rifle accuracy) but it's doubtful they had this in mind when they developed the method. It certainly limited the popularity of their rifles for fullbore TR which was a pity as they were otherwise very decent relative to the competition at the time.

    For anyone wanting a barrel replaced it could be worth contacting Fultons.

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    I have the idea the receiver would be too thin to thread, but if their assembly process has changed, the Steyr may have already been threaded.
    I've no idea about the prohunter in particular, so the answer to this is possibly Callum Fergusson territory.
    You could email Steyr and Callum the question
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    I am also 100% sure its not a easy thing to do as said they are fused together, and the cost of doing the work is immense, i sold both my 223 and my 243 steyrs and moved to a tikka, nothing wrong with the rifles but i just wanted to have something with a barrel that was easy to remove if i needed a change.

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    Peter Sarony at Armalon does these as a matter of course , try him before anything else .

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    Great info, thanks all.
    It will probably be a job beyond the average barrel plumber, but a proper gunsmith shouldn't have too much trouble.
    I'll try all suggested.

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