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Thread: Aberdeen Full Bore GUn club

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    Aberdeen Full Bore GUn club

    Anybody on here a member ? What's the craich like ?

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    Fantastic club, great facilities, very active club with club competitions throughout the year. Really miss it now I have moved from the area.

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    Yes, I am a member and an excellent club it is too. The range is very good with plenty of competitions and we have access to Blackdog range which enables us to shoot at long range.

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    Sounds encouraging. I'm just looking for a place I can occasionally go to test myself and my rifle, nothing too competitive. Is it possible to shoot with the club on an infrequent basis, without having to be involved in competition?

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    Yes of course - you are not forced to compete. Many members use the club simply to zero, practice and get familiar with their firearms. You can use it as much or little as you like but will soon find there is a huge amount of experience, interesting firearms, reloading knowledge, fascinating stories and interesting people in the club and also some national target champions.

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    Aah, Virbius, you talk highly of the club, you have me convinced I should make contact with them, and I will. I can only hope this does not lead me into a world of bizarrely shaped rifles, exotic calibers and giant scopes, with my garage contents ejected to make way for reloading equipment.

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    I am also an AFBGC member. Our home range is in the dunes near Newburgh, where we have a 100 yd covered firing point certified for full bore under strict operating conditions, a 50 yard pistol calibre/.22 range with electric turning targets. We shoot full bore rifles couple of times a month on a 100 yard range in an old quarry near Peterhead, and during the "summer" have a monthly outing at the Army's Black Dog range near Aberdeen, which goes back to 600 yds.

    As pointed out above, there is no pressure on you to enter competitions, many people don't but the bug may well get you as David Virbius soon discovered!

    The website is under development,

    I hope your garage is a decent size!

    Feel free to drop me a PM to discuss off-line.

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    PM inbound Sir !

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    Yes I'm a member , excellent club , lots of opportunities to shoot a wide range of firearms on 4 ranges .You'd be very welcome I'm sure .

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    Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you folks soon !

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