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Thread: Advice on kennels

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    Advice on kennels

    Hi guys I'm currently building new kennels, can any one give me any rough measurements of sleeping boxs for a pointer?

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    What dogs are they for? And is it one or two per box? I'll measure mine box tomorrow.

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    Im going to be looking at getting a gwp x lab, Iv already got labs but new kennels so will Prob put in in with a lab

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    The box in my kennel is 24" high x 24" deep x 38" wide, it has a door which is meshed and air gaps on each end. Its now used by my Patterdale and Cocker, but was also used by my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever along with the other two, when the Toller was alive. They were quite happy in it. At the moment I have no bedding in there, but usually use a padded, waterproof bed in the winter.

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    Just look on some off the sites that make the boxes, but a wire isn't massively bigger(althou some off those hairy german lines look like they are) than a lab. If it's big enough for 2 labs will be bigg enough for a lab and wire

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    Mine are 2ft tall, 2ft deep and 4ft wide so basically a sheet of ply cut into 2ft pieces across ways.

    Then they are double skinned.

    They will fit 2 labs.

    They are inside a building though so the roof doesnt need to be sloped

    And the roof lifts off ............ very important.

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    Cheers guys I'm building my kennels out of breeze block

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    I have a gwp dog, hes a big lad, stands almost to my trouser pockets! his sleeping box is 3ft6'' w x 3ft d x 3ft h he will fit in a bit smaller but would you want to sleep in an excact fit, unable to stretch out!??


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    Thanks for that bullet just what I was after

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