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Thread: Good way to spend a Sunday.

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    Good way to spend a Sunday.

    Whilst at the CLA game fair last month I treated my self to a trail camera and a few other bits but had not had the time to get out and put it to use. So yesterday I finally found the time but if I was going to the wood I may as well have the .308 over my shoulder. One snag was I had not used the gun since I had it screw cut for a mod so put it on a target before heading off ( put 2 bullets touching so happy with that).
    Got to the ground about 5.30pm and headed into a small wood that usually has plenty of sign but very little this time, any way I put camera on a tree and hopped for the best (Stands more chance taking a pic of a deer there than sitting in my house).
    After setting it up I headed off for a stalk a sit in my favourite spot whilst there I had a bit of a call with the new fox whistle I bought at CLA ( the one that every stand there seemed to be selling) any way after only a few squeaks on it the biggest dog fox I have seen for a long time came running in and stopped 60 metres away, bang went 308 and 1 dead fox. I was really impressed with the call.
    Half an hour later a nice fallow buck and pricket came out for a graze I took the pricket and left the big guy ( he was still very much in velvet) should be a nice eating animal as he was in really good nick. So all in all a good way to spend a Sunday.

    Hopefully when I get back there I will have some pics to look at.

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    Tidy!, wouldn't it be good if a few more days went like that!
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    A successfull day, I guess...

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