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Thread: Rhino Rifles rebarreling - bloody good job, sensible price

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    Rhino Rifles rebarreling - bloody good job, sensible price

    I recently had an ancient .243 Sako rebarreled, rebedded and blued by Graham and Chris at Rhino Rifles and they've done an excellent job at almost half the price I was quoted elsewhere. Also I had the rifle back in just over a month rather than the interminable wait at Border Barrels and elsewhere.

    Nothing was too small a job for them and the rifle is shooting half inch and often less groups with all my reloads. My biggest factory group was the 105gr GECO and that was still inside an inch. Spot on service and communication and an excellent job. The blueing is lustrous and thick - I have a brand new rifle, though it was originally made in about 1968.

    I chose a Pac-Nor medium sporter profile barrel and what I cannot get over is the tangible difference in steel between it and factory rifles I've used. Even just tapping the barrel you can hear the difference. The bore is gleaming and smooth all the way through. Cleaning the rifle is such a doddle, though the barrel seems to pick up very little copper fouling.

    Graham recommended the Jet-Z Compact moderator and he was right, it's far better than my previous T8 and PES moderators. Smaller and lighter too and doesn't seem to suffer rust problems. Really solid little moderator. Also there isn't that "ring" you get with T8s.

    I've been down the riflesmith road several times before and came away feeling shafted and sore, but Rhino Rifles have done a great job for me. If I'd heard of them before I would have saved myself a lot of money and heartache over the years.

    Very best,


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    Do they have a website?


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    Hi John,

    They were but i think that is under maintenance.

    They seem to have regular ads in Target Shooter. You can catch Graham on 01606 79029 or Chris on 01606 851409. Fancy or classic rifles they do a terrific job.


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    Glad you are pleased with your new rifle.

    They are a couple of superb lads and are not that known about.

    They have made a couple of F Class winners too I believe. I feel their rep is gaining momentum quickly.

    Your experience doesn't surprise me.

    Would love to see any pics if you have them.

    Also correct advice on the Jet Z by them.

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    Thanks Jon. Will get take some pics if I get a mo tomorrow and the weather holds.

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    Hi Craig,

    Glad you have had a good result. I too would love to see the photos!

    Just a quick question, Did you need to apply for anything re FAC to rebarrel?

    I am looking to have my sako re barreled and have her put in a synthetic stock but am not clear as to whether I need to notify Plod!!

    Many Thanks


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    If it is to be in the same calibre then no you don't have to notify them.

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    The Pac Nor barrels are excellent. Never seen a bad one over here and as you say they seem to be very easy to clean (internal finish very good then). They are also one of the easiest companies to deal with.
    Hope the rifle continues to give satisfaction.



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    No notification needed if it is the same calibre you are rebarreling in.cheers.

    Brora 260

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    what sort of prices if you don't mind me asking?

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