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Thread: .22 WMR (.22 magnum)

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    .22 WMR (.22 magnum)

    I like the .17HMR, but prefer the .22 WMR (.22 magnum). It carries more energy further. And you soon get the hang of the drop and 75yd hold under with a 125yd zero. Good round and because everyone has fallen for the .17HMR the rifles are cheap now. Great selection of quality factory fodder now..unlike years ago.

    Anyone else a fan of the .22 WMR?


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    I am, the minute I sold mine I regretted it, I would take one over the vastly over rated 17HMR (in my view) any day.


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    I have one, but unfortunately not used it enough to say whether a fan or not.

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    I have had a CZ 22mag for about 15 years. I struggled with accuracy until I got the 32gr V-max's. I quite like it, but it is a compromise in my view.

    I bought mine when it was hard to get centrefire 22's in N Ireland. It is a pretty good fox gun out to 100-120 yards. Beyond that it drops off very quickly and is susceptible to the wind. It is really too much for rabbits if you want to eat them.

    If you do your fox shooting with a centrfire, I think the 22 mag is pretty redundant in the UK or Ireland, you would be better served with a 22lr. Also the ammo is silly priced compared to an lr.

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    Ah, but it's much closer to .22 Hornet than .22LR.

    Price-wise it's on a par with the .17 HMR, sometimes cheaper depending what you buy and from whom, but obviously there's no comparison to .22LR prices. If you do a lot of rabbit control etc then the Long Rifle is the way to go, but for a mix of rabbits, crows, foxes, mink, feral cats, whatever, at ranges up to 150yds then it's a fine little cartridge. When you do the sums it's cheaper to buy .22 WMR cartridges than to reload for the .22 Hornet.

    I'm a centrefire user, but I still love the .22 magnum. It's such a useful and fun round. Only recently were .22 WMR cartridges made with as much care and precision components as .17 HMR. CCI Max Mag +V I find to be superb as are the Winchester Supreme.
    The rem 33gr accutips are pricey..too pricey.


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    I have no less then seven 22 WMR's to balance the three 17HMR's I don't shoot as often. I love it. Interestingly, one of the more accurate ones is a Savage Arms "Striker" bolt action pistol. (Left hand bolt, right hand eject) that will keep MOA from a bipod. One of the most "exotic" is a Brno 611A autoloader. My favorite, hands down, is the CZ American. ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauser66
    When you do the sums it's cheaper to buy .22 WMR cartridges than to reload for the .22 Hornet.

    Are you sure?


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    You're right John, there's not a lot in it though the .22 WMR works out a wee bit cheaper for me.

    Well Hornet costs me a minimum 26/27p a round to make, not including the case of course or opportunity cost of time spent reloading, and that's with a decent 40gr soft point, which I now struggle to find at a sensible price. If I go for a V-max or Ballistic Tip then that cost goes a good bit higher. And if you add the initial cost of cases and split that across several loadings it adds a good bit too.

    My .22 WMR would cost me 11.50 per 50 retail for my favourite CCIs (in reality a lot less because I get trade and bulk prices), which is 23p a round. 33gr Accutips sell for daft prices though - no different to HMR though.

    It's the price of bullets for reloading that knocks back the Hornet right now, though the difference between the two isn't that great. If you can get your .223" Hornet bullets cheaper it works out better.

    Cheapest factory Hornet around me is Winchester at 12 per 20 - 60p a round. PPU could be cheaper if you can find it and if it shoots ok in your rifle.

    It's not so long ago that it was cheaper to reload for the Hornet than have a .22 WMR. I do like the .22 Hornet - useful little round and not that noisy. Can be difficult to get it to group well in some rifles, but home loads bring out the best in it. Same can be said for the .22 WMR grouping of course. I just like that wee round; my foxes love it .

    Best, Craig

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    Craig: Are you shooting .223" bullets from your Hornet??~Muir

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    Hi all
    Just bought a remington 597 wmr semiauto, first time out today 1 inch group at 100yds 7 shots in about 15 seconds i was very impressed
    Cheers Geordie

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