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Thread: Burris fullfield 3-9x40 110 posted

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    Burris fullfield 3-9x40 110 posted

    For sale Burris fulfield 3-9x40 lovely little scope had this on my 17 fireball for the past few months, nice little reticle been shooting rabbits out to 250y no probs, only selling as Iv found a leupold at sensible money excellent condition tiny mark on turret caps if you want to be fussey, original box ideal for someone on a budget, had it on my 6.5x47 for a bit so will handle a bigger centerfire, posted to you at 110

    Many thanks Please PM if intrested

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    Good underrated scopes these.
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    I agree with the above these are excellent scopes and that is a snip at that price. If I hadn't already got more scopes than rifles I'd have this in a flash. I have the IR versions of this scope on my HW100s and they do a fantastic job.

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    Still for sale someone must be after a cheap scope.

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    Come on you chaps...... I don't need another spare!!!!!!

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    What reticle?


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    Back up for sale can't find the box but will throw in a brand new butler creek please pm for pics via email.

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    is this scope still for sale?, could you message me if it is please
    im looking for a scope for my new WMR..


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