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Thread: peli cases on aircraft

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    peli cases on aircraft

    Following on from the thread about ammo on aircraft I was wondering if anyone has travelled with their rifle in one of the peli cases?

    I have a blaser with the blaser case but after having a metal rod tube destroyed by baggage handlers earlier this year was thinking of something even more robust and, of course, the peli cases come top of the list. However, the large rifle case weighs in at 11kg!! A smaller case might do but by the time I add scope, sling, bipod etc. it might take a large one. I know all airlines are different, and if you call them they have no idea what they are talking about and only confuse you, but has anyone travelled on, say, Easyjet with an 11kg peli plus a 4-5kg rifle plus their normal luggage? What about on other carriers?

    All opinions, hints, tips or thoughts gratefully received.

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    Philip, I used to have a Peli case, the 1750 I think. In a previous job I could get these at trade prices.

    They are excellent no doubt, very robust, particularly if you use the air lock properly. However, they are just too big and heavy. As you say, take the case at over 10kg, plus rifle scope etc, it soon starts to get very heavy. With ever increasing charges for extra baggage, I just wouldn't go there.

    The next problem I had was when three of us went to get into a hire car in Prague to drive to Brno, the bloody case would not fit in the car boot and ended up in the back seat. Nightmare.

    I sold the case.

    Bought a short flight case that was designed for a shotgun and modified it slightly to fit my Sauer with the stock off. I will post a photo of the case with rifle in, absolutely perfect and only 30" long. Does not even look like a gun case which is an additional bonus.

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    Sauer ready to travel, this lot loaded and ready to go weighs less than the Peli empty:

    You should be able to modify a case like this to suit the Blaser. you can pick these cases up for 50-60.

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    That is a neat solution Brian, I will take a look at some of the smaller peli cases as the blaser might fit into some of them with scope and all. However, going lighter might be better and I know a few people who build, or have built, custom flight cases so I will have words with them. I hadn't thought of that until you posted!

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    I don't know if it would help, but I used these people before:

    I bought a full-length flight case for lugging my rifle to/from Scotland. I grabbed one of the spare cases they had in what I thought was about the right size, but they can make up any spec you want. As it was a spare, the case was very good value, but I overestimated the size I needed so ended up having to buy a Toyota Landcruiser to carry it

    Make sure to ask that the case has locks that can use regular padlocks, etc.


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    Re: peli cases on aircraft

    This is what I got for my Blaser:

    It was worth the hassle getting it from the US.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: peli cases on aircraft

    This is what I got for my Blaser:

    It was worth the hassle getting it from the US.

    Hope this helps.

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    As far as i am aware you can carry unlimited "sports equipment" for a set fee. I know a load of friends who go snowboarding/skiing each year and they put ALL their heavy kit into their ski/board bags. they are also allowed to take the normal 20kgs of hold baggage.

    I cannot remember how much extra it costs to carry "sports equipment" but i'm pretty sure its a set fee regardless of weight.

    Not sure if that is of any help but thought i'd mention it.


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    Here is a Sauer in a Peli Case :

    Can you think of anything nicer

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    It isn't the aircraft that is the problem but the car at the hunting end!

    Fixed rifle in a Peli is a big slab to fit in.

    Think you and the rest of your party plus all luggage and if it don't fit in a Jap SUV then it's too big.

    Main reason for a break down rifle for travel.


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