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Thread: Nice little weekend

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    Nice little weekend

    Well 7.30 Saturday morning saw me dropping the girlfriend at Manchester airport already planning the weekend. First job was to catch up on some crows which have been hanging around the sheep. Never really get a good go at them due them to being wise to my previous attempts with the rifle. Anyway I set up with my new cla purchase of a hyper flapper and the usual 15 decoys, I had with me the silenced .410 and the 12 over/under. Plan was to shoot the first with the .410 then at them with the 12. It worked 3 times with 3 triples. Anyway finished up with 29 crows 13 rooks 6 jackdoors. Sunday I was off over York to a friends to shoot some pigeons. Not the best with the pigeons having so much choice but end up shooting over some peas. 3 hours we managed 76 pigeons and 3 crows so worth the trip. Today I had planned to rest before work and loading this week but 6.30 pm it was perfect for a stalk. Off with the dog to some local land not really to bothered in shooting anything. Stalked to 30 yards off a doe out in the open then sat and watched the world go by for an hour. With nothing moving a thought I'd have a drive around just to check my permissions and see what's moving. I'd just got to the first farm and parked up to glass when I noticed to 2 deer sat 500 yards away. With the light going I couldn't tell what they were but thought I'd stalk in to see on the off chance. Drove back to the farm yard to park up and very quickly stalked towards them. Got to 60 yards away at this point I could tell one was a small buck. Still sat I watch then for 10 mins till a hare ran up the them making the buck rise to his feet. Off the shot went and after 10 yards fell. Great end to the weekend and totally unexpected.
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    Exellent weekend

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    A busy weekend with top results...

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    Well done ! - Especially on the pigeons despite the opportunity for them to go elsewhere
    nice read

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    Sounds like a very well planned and used weekend!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    An interesting weekend - variety is the spice of life.

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