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Thread: Swallows

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    There has been a distinct autumnal feel these last few mornings,Rowan trees are heavy with fruit
    and the leaves are already starting to turn on a Beech tree across from my house.

    I can remember as a youngster the Swallows gathering on the telephone wires( not many telephone wires left for them to gather on these days) in September prior to departing for sunnier climes.

    This year the Swallows were late on arriving and their numbers were less than usual.

    This morning no swallows they have gone, no signs of them gathering,just here as normal one day and gone the next, very early has anyone else noticed are they still with you, have they left, when did they leave?

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    No swifts here in Edinburgh - back at my desk after a few days off and there were swifts wheeling around last week. Up in Aviemore at the weekend and would normally expect to see plenty of Ospreys around, but didn't see one at all - they must have gone as well.

    And what did swallows perch on in the days before telephone wires??

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    I saw a few in South Ayrshire this weekend. I wondered at the time how long they'll still be around for.

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    Swifts went several weeks ago. Lots of swallows on telephone lines, in Devon last week Housemartins still feeding youngsters in nests.

    Age very autumnal feel to weather at present.


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    About 30 swallows on the neighbours roof on Sunday, defiantly getting ready to depart. Not seen any this week but I've been out to work before light and home late. Soon be Christmas!!!

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    6 chicks fledged thursday from one of the buildings I was at in Barrow-in-Furness.
    They remained roosting in the building and where still there on Sunday when I left.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Same here in the far north, just disappeared without any flocking on the wires as usual, I haven't heard them myself yet, but a few boys have seen geese coming down from the north, don't usually see that for another three or four weeks.

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    Still got house martins with us, dont see swifts over our place until later in the day as a rule.
    But i said it felt autumnal yesterday evening when i was out.

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    Same in Zurich. Temperatures have collapsed from mid 30s to 18degrees. Mornings considerably cooler at around 8 or 9 degrees. Leaves are leaving the trees....................

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    We still have them here, probably less than normal


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