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    help needed

    hi i dont know if any one can help me here im after a copy of the disc for dsc 1 now weather thisbe on hard cd or via a email i would be so gratefull please if any one can help please contact me ilook forward to hearign from you all in near future just would like to get my qual before i deploy to shitty place again (afghan) again kind regards gareth

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    Hi Gareth - do you mean the Deerquest CD that is an optional extra? (Or at least it was when I did it) Has a number of photos and videos, and sample exams?

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    im guessing thats the 1 im not to sure to be honest but im after any help i can to get my quals sorted asap have some well a fair bit of knowledge of deer as before joining the army i was a gamekeeper starting from a very early age to my first full time job on chargot estate in somerset so to be honest any help would be most grateful and kind regards for replying and i look forward to hearing from you again soon, by the way where abouts do you stalk and what deer have you got jusy outta interest again thank you very much gareth

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    If you're going to go for your DSC1 have a think about getting the DCS Best Practice guides.

    It's 15 for a hard copy, ring bound, version including updates. There's a thread on the site about how good they are If I was closer to Bovington you'd be welcome to borrow my set.


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    If you manage to get hold of an old Deerquest CD, bear in mind that a lot of it is out of date, especially in the law section

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    hi gareth if you drop me a pm with your address i will send you a copy of dsc1 manual i have a spare copyits about 2 yrs old

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