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Thread: GhostBlind - NEW & EXCLUSIVE

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    GhostBlind - NEW & EXCLUSIVE

    GhostBlind Predator

    Attachment 31817 Attachment 31818

    - Exclusive to A1 Decoy in the UK

    - Brand new, boxed, loads in stock

    - The ultimate camouflage system

    - Weighing only 12lb's, it is easy to carry and can be easily relocated

    - Comes with carry strap

    - Comes with pegs to secure it down

    - Constructed with weather resistant polypropylene panels

    - Dimensions: 102W x 46H

    - Allows you to sit comfortably in a chair and still have the perfect view

    - The angle of the blind prevents the reflection of the sun and any animals being a problem

    - Includes: Blind, 2 carry strap, 4 tent stakes, 4 tie downs, 2 bungee cords & Instructions

    - Multi-purpose carry bag and height extenders sold separately

    - 179.99

    - To purchase please PM me, or click the link below to pay via eBay;

    Ghost Blind Predator Mirror Hide Camo Shooting Hunting Stalking Deer GhostBlind | eBay

    - We also have the GhostBlind Runner available;

    Ghost Blind Runner 6 Panel Mirror Hide Camo Shooting Hunting Movable Lightweight | eBay

    Attachment 31819 Attachment 31820

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    also ideal for the wife to re apply her lipstick

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    It looks good and might be a bit of fun but not at that price I'm afraid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    It looks good and might be a bit of fun but not at that price I'm afraid.
    could also use it on the ceiling of the bedroom

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    I think a DIY project is in order with a fire guard and some aluminium foil !

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    Interesting concept, but how does it cope with the wind?

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    So it's just a dirty great mirror?

    Only for use when the sun is directly overhead...

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    The angle of the blind means the reflection of the sun at any time would reflect straight into the floor. It comes with stakes to stop the wind from affecting it.

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    Clever, but i have got a shed full of cam net, short arms and deep pockets! I did think the bow in the video was the weirdest looking thing I have seen for a while. Looked like it was being held back to front.

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    Clever , possibly the laziest way of hunting I've ever seen .

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