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Thread: FAC application; moderators and expanding ammo

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    FAC application; moderators and expanding ammo

    Wonder if someone could point me in the right direction for these questions.
    I am filling out my FAC application.
    I am applying for .22 and a .308.

    Where would I enter the fact I would like a moderator on each rifle?
    is it on a separate line or on the same line as the rifle themselves?

    Also if I am after expanding ammunition do I just put in the ammunition required box expanding. (.22EXP) for example.

    And finally for the .22 do I just put .22RF or do I need to choose .22LR for example?

    Thanks from a very confused me.

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    I applied for a variation last week and completed the paperwork in Plod's offices, with one of these coming up so...:

    1. Write "+ moderator" on the same line as each of the 2 rifles

    2. For ammo, if you are asking for live quarry + target (as opposed to target only), then they should put "expanding" anyway

    3. For the .22, if it's a .22LR you want, put .22LR. Saves them coming back and asking which .22 you want

    Hope this helps

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    Enter each moderator separately in my experience; they count as a slot each as far as I am aware.
    Enter each reason separately, reason will relate to ammunition types required.
    Ammunition put .22RF expanding, and also .308 expanding.
    Out of interest what is your good reason? What shooting experience do you have? (eg can anyone else give your application the once over before you press the "go" sign)
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    In the eyes of the present law, a moderator is a "firearm" & you should apply for them as you would a rifle.
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    i enter the sound mods as an seperate firearm to purchase, as RickoShay says its a seperate slot on your FAC.
    I used to put .22lr, but west mercia FLO didnt know what it ment, so it was changed to .22rf which is the same really. normally thay add expanding ammo if your using it for quarry but of course you need land or payed stalking for the .308 to justify it
    hope this helps

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    Don't forget that in addition to stating why you require expanding ammunition (culling deer, fox/vermin control or whatever) you will require authority to use the same ammunition for zeroing the rifles.
    If in doubt phone your local liaison blokey and ask him how they "prefer" your application to be worded. Whilst I've had the very rare experience of one saying "We'll consider your application when we receive it", most are willing to be helpful as it actually makes their job easier by understanding what it is you need to be able to do.

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    Thank you for the advice.
    Just wondering what reason people put down for moderators?
    Im having trouble choosing the right words. Recoil reduction, noise reduction for ear protection, to avoid alarming the public and other animals.
    FYI the rifles will be used for deer and vermin.

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    I put:
    "Local noise reduction"
    You will of course retain sonic crack...
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
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    Having just assisted my son send off his first FAC we put the moderators on a seperate line. Normal if you put down vermin control then expanding ammunition is taken as read but I expect it will be discussed at your FEO visit. A@S also want to know if you reload for C/F probably to adjust ammo limits.

    .22 R/F is intresting as it could cover a LR or Magnum they will probaly want .22 LR however they all are different. Moderator is for H@S reasons.

    If in doubt speak to your FEO


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    i put for target say 750 hold 500 buy
    then for say 400 .308 exp rounds (factory)
    then exp bullets 400 .308/7.62
    then exp missiles 400 .308/7.62
    that way you now have 1200 inthe same cal and should not or ever go over your limit as you can collect without thinking more bullets exp !
    i do the same for every rifle cal i owned i also put the metric and imp for each cal and bullet .
    .22 i put down 1,000 to hold 500 to buy exp as i don't paper punch with rf.
    all rifles have request underand for h&s a sound mod with nvm i don't allow the makers name put down on my cert Nvm is the norm, so if it go's wrong i can exchange the faulty one for a replacement.
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