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Thread: ATEC Reflex Moderator .30Cal - 1/2" UNF (Bush to fit sporter profile)

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    ATEC Reflex Moderator .30Cal - 1/2" UNF (Bush to fit sporter profile)

    Quality moderator.
    standard reflex design, approx 40% sits over barrel
    Old style one piece outer tube
    lighter and quieter than a T8

    1/2" UNF thread
    suit .30 cal or less

    on ticket
    FAC rules apply
    can deliver

    only need one .30cal mod in my life!

    ​pics to follow if you need them but it just looks like a moderator

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    could you send me the photo please.

    regards chris

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    sorry found some photos.
    the outer tube is generally in good nick with some marks to the anodising on the butt end and the "nut" where the it has been removed for servicing. will try to get some pics of that too
    doesn't affect the performance. may even touch it up with some black

    it has a hex shaped bore to remove the front plug and the baffles

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    hello edd thank you for the pics but it is not the one I am after mate.

    regards chris

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    no worries

    approx 25cmx4.5cm

    bush bore is approx 16-17mm, lots of meat on it if you have a heavy barrel or want to fit it to a big magnum

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    need this gone for the slot

    ​willing to deliver within sensible range

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