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Thread: Is Every Rifle On Here Moderated?

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    Is Every Rifle On Here Moderated?

    Looking to get an old Parker Hale, but am reluctant to circumcise it for a moderator. Do people on here have all their stalking rifles moderated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxster View Post
    Looking to get an old Parker Hale, but am reluctant to circumcise it for a moderator. Do people on here have all their stalking rifles moderated?

    None of mine are.


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    However mine are, so you're 50:50 so far!

    Worth starting a poll?

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    mate i did my first rifle an old parker hale and ruined it ,I have not done another one, atb wayne
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    30.06 is unmoderated and that won't change. The 6.5x55 is screw-cut but only recently got a moderator for it - not used much yet.

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    Unmod'ed rifles see almost rude these days.

    I would not hunt without a mod. End of story.

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    Pardon?! What?!
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    mods on all nowdays as nr DeF from yrs without them on now ahhhh bisto

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    When most of us on here learnt to shoot we didn't worry about such things as ear defenders or moderators. Many years later we have learnt the error of our ways, much to our cost. How many of us would allow our own children to be as stupid as we were? Your health is for life so look after it every way you can. Additionally there are few things more annoying when on the ranges than having a fellow shooter in the next lane blowing my ear drums apart with a big un-moderated rifle. If you shoot alone then it's purely you own choice. If you shoot with others then you have an obligation to consider your fellow shooters. Consideration of others is what us shooters do best after all. The ones who don't are quickly shown the door! I know it will ruin the balance of your rifle but better that than your ear drums!

    PS. I should add that I now where plugs with ear defenders over the top when on the ranges just in case Mr inconsiderate parks his un-moderated 308 in the lane next to me as plugs alone don't cut it despite being perfectly fine when firing my own rifle and around other moderated rifles!
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    Or you could just wear ear protection.

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