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Thread: Forestry lease prices !!!

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    Forestry lease prices !!!

    Hi Folks
    I know this has probably been done before but I am looking for a little guidance on this one .
    I have the chance to take the lease on a bit of hill ground which is about 900 acres , it is about 80 percent forestry and 20 percent moor I have been told that it holds a good head of roe and some red, I have been for a look and there are red slots and fresh droppings and I did see roe going about.
    My question is whats it worth a year as I dont really have a clue I think I remember a post on here a while back saying 1 to 1.50 an acre but my memory is not that good I also recon that sounds a bit cheap.
    So Please help any advice kindly appreciated

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    If you think 1 - 1.50/acre is cheap, a figure I know to be paid for land, I also know a lot more is paid, then its up to you what you can/will afford simples.

    It would also depend on the duration of the lease, how many head have to come off, what this means in monetary value and what the art of the possible is etc etc.

    Why not ask the FC what has been paid for this piece of land before? If not exactly they might give you a ball park figure to help you decide, its worth a phone call isn't it?

    Let us know how you get on.


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    I'm quite surprised at the lack of response to this question as I'm sure there are a lot more folk that know exactly what they are paying per acre. Some might get good deals and some might have bad, but lets spread the word surely. Obviously there will be area's with more to shoot than others but at least its giving folk an idea of what they may expect should a lease ever become available.

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    I Think that 150 an acres is more than enough and if you are out bid by some one else let them have it. We are told there are to many deer and that there is not enough stalkers may be it is time for the FCS to take stock and get the right chaps on doing the right type of job.

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    Hazard a guess how many deer you anticipate taking off the ground then cost the venison sales @ 30/roe 120/red then decide what its worth.
    If your golng to achieve 10 of each off that ground then its worth 1500 to you; but to achieve that number it has to be accessible to you cos only about 1 in 4 visits will result in a deer....and you'll need to visit twice a week most weeks!!

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    Unfortunately I have had a sour experience with FC leases. I put a bid in for a lease only a couple of miles down the road that I know very well from walking my dogs round for years. I didn't get it anyway and felt a bit miffed.

    The ground is only about 600 acres and wouldn't produce too many roe but was nice and local. Anyway, I'm in the local brothe..... pub a few weeks later and surprise surprise in comes the lease holder with some of his 'new' syndicate members after a walk round the lease. Turns out this guy has put 6 syndicate members together for the ground at 300 each so he's 1800 in pocket from these guys. Non of them are experienced and some of them had still to do level 1

    So remembering this is a FC ground the 'agent' had signed these guys up before they could shoot on it. How can us experienced shooters hope for a good value lease when we are competing against these 'agents'.

    After last year the syndicate had shot 4 deer and one was by the lease holder himself. This guy was simply taking advantage of guys who were inexperienced but eager to get some stalking.

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    Roe Steak,

    I thought if you were stalking on FC land that you had to have a minimum of DSC1 and working towards level 2, correct me if I'm wrong. I think I would have notified FC that the people shooting on this ground were not qualified.
    I maybe wrong so go easy on me if I am.


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