I bought one of these a couple of days ago and thought I might post my views in case anyone else has looked at them. Firstly, they made 75 of these to go to Afghanistan where they were not used for there intended purpose and ended up being de-commissioned in no time at all. They have been slagged off mercilessly on arrse but possibly not fairly. Essentially they are the Tomcar TM5 and a look on youtube shows what they can do. Anyway I needed something to replace my Kawasaki mule and I was not going to buy another one of those. I wanted something sturdily made and with a bit more grunt than the normal UTV. This thing can carry a round bale and tow a large trailer. The really big difference to what I am used to however is the drive. Its like nothing I have driven before. I am used to driving slowly or breaking my spine or the mules suspension. The tomcar however just glides over the ground. Its totally amazing. Not sure I have enough experience of it yet to be totally convinced but its certainly worth a look.