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Thread: Will my pheasants be ready!

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    Will my pheasants be ready!

    Normally we have our first shoot first weekend in November. We usually release mid August and I would say with good feeding the birds are ready, albeit the first shoot being more of a stir up day.
    ive got birds going in on the 1 September this year, and our first shoot is the 2 nov. I'm feeling its going to be tight?! Or do you think with good feed and hopefully some dry weather they will be o.k?.

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    How old are they when you get them?
    ​Seems a little late if they are going to be 6-8 weeks old to be honest as IMO they won't be flying at their best so young

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    They sure are late, had mine in last week july, depending on what age you are getting the birds, are they ex layers, I would look at possibly pushing shoot dates back and don't forget "harvest time " guidelines in case you have to put chemicals in the feed, I wouldn't put money on em being good birds.

    You really need a gentle mix of weather to bring the feathering on, I would be inclined to put the dates back and holdover the first one until they are good hardy birds, good luck and I hope all turns out well.


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    What you are going to need is a good cold spell to help feather them up, usually not a problem up here in Scotland. The poults my keeper friend has are similar, a good size but need to start feathering up (and stop wandering away!!!!)

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    Been a mega-bad year for straying I've been told this year!

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    Sure to be short on tail feathers, two more weeks, would make one hell of a difference!

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    They will be ready had some yesterday we will shoot them at least the quality ones come nov along with the partridge .they will need pellet for a while longer so don't rush to get em on wheat !
    as for straying well day two 7pm and 150 decide bedtime is best spent along the headland to my house ! What tossers pheasants are they ruin a great job !

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    Should be ready......for Boxing day lol.

    You have to remember that the days start drawing in quickly come the end of this month so they have less daylight hours to feed, so not only are they behind to start with they will be slower growing. As already said you may be able to mitigate against this by feeding good pellets for as long as possible. Either way I would be doubtful they will be decent birds by the beginning of November, they maybe shootable (just) but nothing like the birds they will be a month later.

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    Althou probably not ideal I don't think they will be too far away, well the hens atleast, althou depends on a few things age going out, how many in pen, length off time kept on pellets etc. U'll be surprised how quick the birds will catch up i'd probably say a bit off poor cool even wet weather will probably help ur birds once there selttled down more than a good dry warm spell

    Will also depend on the type off shoot. If ur a syndicate then the guns just have to show a bit of sense and restriant, or if u've got plenty off rough ground to have a walk up boundry day and leave the stir up for the next shoot. Like everyone says 2 or 3 weeks makes a big difference to both plummage and the birds strength/flight.

    Must admit not be to good if ur selling days, i wouldn't want to pay good money and the birds aren't ready and while u expect it a bit the first day by the time ur into Nov esp on a commercial type shoot most birds should be gettin there

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