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  • Remington 700 SPS

    6 11.11%
  • Howa 1500

    12 22.22%
  • Wetherby Vanguard Series 2

    1 1.85%
  • Browning A Bolt UK Stalker

    2 3.70%
  • Neither, get secondhand

    33 61.11%
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Thread: New 243 on a budget

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    New 243 on a budget


    I have had a look at previous threads and have a good idea of what is recommended in secondhand rifles.

    My question/poll relates to what is better in new rifles at the cheap end of the scale. I see Howa 1500s, Wetherbys (made by Howa?) and the cheaper Remingtons (SPS for <600) are all in my budget, which I am looking around the 800 mark to include scope (probably an 8 x 56 Hawke or something, I am not a scope tart) and mod.

    My local RFD has both Wetherby and Howa available in budget (but none in at the moment to try for size) with mod and scope but I wonder am I better getting something secondhand, I am not averse to SH rifles, I have a few already, but I have been told that 243s tend to only get sold when there is something wrong with them. Obviously not entirely true, and the man is trying to sell a new gun, but it makes you wonder.

    I would be interested in what you think. Oh, and its for fox and deer.
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    No one have any ideas then please?

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    plenty. this is an easy one Sir.

    look at a 2nd hand Tikka M55, or 595 or T3. with a fixed Zeiss, swaro nova or S&B 6x40 ish or 7x50 ish scope.

    I would also seriously consider an almost new CZ550 + one of the above scopes.

    all would be a great setup.

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    I agree totally with the cz550, fantastic rifle, nothing shabby about them at all, and well worth spending the money on optics, you don't have to be a 'tart' but good basic german optics would be better than a hawke hands down, and plenty are available second hand.

    Should have added, really ought to go for a mans calibre though, not a little girly .243.......
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    I am having enough trouble getting the 243 at the moment, mainly as my permission is currently foxing, but thats a different story. It is because of that that I now have a 223 slot that I don't want to fill as it would mean upgrading shortly. I'll see what Lincs Police say now I have moved to their area.

    An almost unaminous vote for secondhand though, I will get looking once I (hoepfully) get my variation approved.

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    If I was after a budget combination I would choose a s/h CZ 601 or 550 and a s/h S&B Hungarian 6 x 42 scope.
    atb Tim

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    As your in the south west suggest you go up to Ladds in Crediton and then Blue Fox Glade (about 10 miles up the road). They should sort you out.


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    Well from your list I'd probably go for the Howa, my friend has one in .308 and he's pleased with it. BUT, if I was in your situation, I'd be on the lookout for a nice clean used Tikka T3 . Might be worth seeing what Ivythorn Sporting has in as they're not that far from you.

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