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Thread: Peafowl for sale

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    Peafowl for sale

    I have for sale 3 pea hen, they are only three years old, got them to breed with the male whom swiftly was taken by a fox/badger/farmers dogs (plumping for the latter due to the mess of the peacock. Anyway my uncles getting on a bit a doesnt fancy going through all the hasstle with another peacock etc so hes looking to sell the young peahens.

    Locking for 50 per bird collected (will travel reasonable distance)

    If you need any more info just drop me a pm.

    Can get pics up if required.

    Cheers Rob

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    Anyone got any idead of local breeders in the area who may be interested?

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    Could be interested. Let me read up and get back top you.


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    No probs Dave if u need any info just drop me a pm

    Cheers rob

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    The village of Gargunnock was famously over run by wild Peabirds and i bieve the MP Dennis Canavan took some... He lives near Bannockburn and im sure he is contactable but as for payment he is a tight Scot too.

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    Thanks for the info red dot but there still looking for a home.

    Cheers Bob

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