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Thread: The Scudd's Buck

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    The Scudd's Buck

    I Promised The Scudd I would put this on for him.....
    Look at the big cheesey grin on him.... he is like a dog with 4 do das..
    He got this one this evening......
    Well done ya boy ye...

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    Looks a fine beast.


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    I agree , get typing, tell the story..

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    hi sorry stone not exactly an epic stalk, myself and mcstalk were out this evening at an estate where we give the keeper a bit of a helping hand, on our way down thru the woods i shot a nice fallow pricket ,we then headed to a well used field,it was almost dark as we entered so we quickly decided to take a side of the field each,as i reached the fence i had a scan with my bino,s and saw 2 deer about 200yards away.i watched them for a few minutes and then decided to try my luck but i had no cover just a grass field.i managed to get over the fence without spooking them then i began to crawl into them i got to about 100yardsand the buck was facing me,so i waited until he turned broadside and i nailed him with a nice neck shot
    he,s not the biggest buck in the world but he,s 1 that i won,t forget for a very long time.
    cheers the scudd

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