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Thread: Tikka 595 - Semi Custom 260 Rem

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    Tikka 595 - Semi Custom 260 Rem

    Time to move the .260 on to a new home, due to an impending new arrival.


    Tikka stainless M595 action
    Shilen Select Match s/s 22" barrel 1:8 twist chambered .260 Rem by PRS (Callum Ferguson), threaded for moderator with invisible cap.
    McMillan Sako Varmint stock, pillar bedded.
    Fluted bolt with Badger knob - replacement bolt cap in aluminium.
    Factory trigger, which has been honed, polished, breaks clean at 1.5 lbs.
    2 x 3 round factory magazines.
    NEAR Alphamount, 30mm diameter rings.
    Barrel/action/moderator all Duracoated by Jaeger SA. (James)
    Jaeger Sporting Moderator included.
    The Scope shown is NOT included.
    Round count is 760.

    I am asking for 950 for the package for a Face 2 Face transfer or RFD transfer at cost.

    Thanks for looking & PM if interested

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    That is a stonking good buy for someone....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Cheap bargain for someone I give it till the end of the day! It will be gone

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