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Thread: 8lb tub of varget

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    8lb tub of varget

    I have for sale a tub of varget that weighs 8lb, the seal has been removed, I think I had 5 x .243 cases out of the tub to make up 100 rounds! Sold the gun so no longer intend to use varget 225 face to face, I will meet you somewhere within reason!

    thanks bullet

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    bargain for Varget users

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    You won't have that long!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    You won't have that long!!!
    Just what I was thinking when I read the title!

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    only take a few of you lads to divy in and your sorted for a fair bit !!

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    I'll take this please



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    Too slow!
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    Provisionally sold to force64!

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