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Thread: Dealings with tikka performance centre

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    Dealings with tikka performance centre

    Has anyone purchased anything from tikka performance centre in the US and had any issues?
    I purchased a piccatinny rail for my tikka m595 and it has never arrived. Several emails have been passed to and fro and was told to wait a little longer for it to arrive. I am no longer getting any replies to emails and its 2 months since the order was placed


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    Try contacting customs.

    year back i bought some bits, rear sight and screws for a P-14 and some scope rings from Gunparts. They never arrived so i thought so after about 12 weeks I replacement order was received. Then about 4 months later customs and the Polcie turn up wnating to kow why gunparts were being sent to a house with no FAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had the sent to mothers when i was still living down south. The laugh is that this was their second attempt to catch someone in the customs came from Peterbourgh and the Police from Lincoln and none of it required a fac and all to collect 1.87p.

    I am told that their faces were a picture when told that I already had the order. Thet stuttered and said he can't have as we have it here. So mother explained that they had taken so long beign stupid that a replacement "Free" order had come straight through.

    They asked what to do with this package and mother said i don't know as he has already got his. They left leaving the package behind and not getting their 1.87p. I e-mailed Gunparts and offered to return it but they said don't bother and thanks for letting us know what happened.

    Your rail may just be sitting in customs awaiting them to get off their broad rears and come to collect the import duty.

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    Have rung customs and Royal Mail - neither have seen the parcel in the uk
    untried to ring them today using number from website - it's no longer in servic
    looks like that's the end of that !!

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    Sorry to read of your problem. If you still need a rail may i suggest Third Eye Tactical in West Yorks? They will sort you out.


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    Yeah - I've emailed them to see it they can do one to match stainless action

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