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Thread: Reloading Job Lot.

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    Reloading Job Lot.

    This is part of the first lot of a clear out of old shooting gear, had a look through tonight and most of it is pretty much mint and some is boxed. I have had a look at some of the prices for some of the dies new and some are still advertised at over 150 a set on Midway. Would prefer to sell to someone who has the need or time to sort these out to sell on etc as they see fit, hence the low price as a job lot.

    250 inc postage. no offers. (have already had people asking to buy individual items that would pretty much match the asking price)(Also if these are split later the gents whom have asked if they can have bits will get first dibs as would only be fair)

    Wilson Chamber type bullet Seater (22 Hornet)
    Wilson Chamber type bullet Seater (6 mm B-R)
    Hornady Durachrome dies 30 M1 3-die set
    Redding Reloading Dies. FL die set 45-100 (Sharps)
    Lee reloading dies 40-65 Winchester
    6mm B.R. Remington Type S Bushing Style Full Sizing die
    6mm B.R. Remington Type S Bushing Style Neck sizing Die
    Redding Delux die set 22 Hornet
    Redding Delux die set 6.5 x 57 Mauser
    Redding reloading dies 7.65 X Belgian
    Lee reloading dies 44 Special
    Lyman Neck Expander 7.62
    Forster next Sizer .308
    RCBS .30-06 die set
    Jones & LE Wilson 308 / 7.62 Seater
    .38 Special Lee die set
    Lee .45 ACP die set
    Lee .45-70 Die set

    .38 Smith&Wesson Die set
    .455 die set
    Lee 9mm die set.
    Redding 30-06 Neck sizer die.

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    If you do decide to split I should be interested in the lyman neck expander 7.62 and the le wilson 7.62 seater

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    I will take the 6mmbr full length sizing die if you decide to split

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    I'll take the RCBS 30-06 dies if you split mate.

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    If you decide to split, I am Interested in the 6mm B.R. Remington Type S Bushing Style Neck sizing Die

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    if you split it up Gordon i'll take the 45/70 dies please


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    Assuming it is .455 Webley Revolver, if you split I'm interested in .455 die set please.

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