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Thread: 55gr .243?

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    55gr .243?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to buy 55gr .243 factory ammunition in the UK? And if so, where from?


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    Hi There, I use 55gr. 243 nosler ballistic tips federal v shock for foxing purchased from Glenluce gunrooms and i'm pretty sure he has other makes in stock ,hope this is of some help .Tam

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    Alex had some the last day i was in. think it was federal

    Alex W Dalgleish

    11 Montgomery Street

    G76 0AS

    Fax/Tel: 01355 303595

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    I asked the same question very recently. A thread search should find the responses. Think they're a few options, Winchester silver tip were one of them


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    Give Norma 58g V Max a try!

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    Thanks folks. Appreciated.

    Is the Norma widely available?

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    Hi mate
    Yeah Norma 58g is readily available,
    It's the stable diet for many .243's around here that are only used for foxing.
    Try some,and if your rifle likes em you won't look back.

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    Hiya, I buy Feds, 55 gr V max in .243 from Bushwear in Stirling...

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    mungo got a box of nosler 55grain ballistic tips for a 243 lying here,was going to load them for foxing but my 22/250 shoots 55 grain so decided against it.yours free just come pick them up.stuart

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