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Thread: zeiss conquest 6.5x20x50 scope

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    zeiss conquest 6.5x20x50 scope

    Just wondering if any body has any experience of this scope (zeiss conquest 6.5x20x50 ) scope, i am looking at purchasing one for fox and deer controll, also what difference or effect would it be having a target turret, on for stalking and lamping use.

    Cheers Ivor

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    Theres one on ebay for about 600 at the moment

    Very good scope, the guy i shoot with has one on his fox rifle and its very impressive. If only i had 600 it would be on one of my rifles


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    That is possibly my favourite scope. I've had many scopes but this one is really good. Have the z plex reticule which I think is a good compromise. Shot deer at absolute last light but with the magnification turned down. I had the scope on my 308 and now on my 243 mainly for foxes and other vermin out to quite long ranges.
    The target turrets have another advantage, I have marked two zero's, one with moderator and one without. So if I decide to travel light up a hill, I can just choose the non mod setting.
    Dialing in the drop is much more accurate that using a hold-over.
    I have not had the settings adjust by themselves when walking rifle over shoulder.

    This scope is light weight, very good glass and holds zero perfect.
    Purely for deer stalking the 4.5-14x50 would possibly be good enough.

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    If your'e worried that turrets may get moved in heavy cover just take a tight turn of electrical tape round them, if they move after that treatment your scope will be trashed anyway!

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    Yup, bought one shortly after i bought the Conquest 3.5-10x44mc. Bloody good scopes and about similar to my kahles in quality and optics.

    What really impresses me about the Conquest scopes is the fact that they have been optimised for low light - dawn/dusk conditions. Exactly when i'm most likely to need it.

    Both mine are rapid Z reticules and the 6.5-20x50 has target turrets. Never needed to do anything to protect them - they're fine as is.

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