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Thread: Jeep Cherokee 2005 2.8CRD

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    Jeep Cherokee 2005 2.8CRD

    Ok.. procrastinated last time but the time has now come... my faithful motoring companion of 4 years has to go.. I need something small and very economical and as I am currently on a hiatus from deep forest adventures....... now is the time!

    My better half has pursuaded me that I need a cheaper to run car. We are a one car family and I do a lot of running around covering 15-20k per year. Having just had my mums Fiesta for a week while the truck was in for service.. really brought this home, particularly, if I'm honest, as I only probably need the off roadiness of it (and nothing serious at that!) 5-6 days a year...

    Soooo...for sale is my late (55 plate) 2005 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD sport +... (the + is for the factory cruise control you wouldn't normally get on a sport) For a truck she performs like a bat out of hell!!! and drives very compliantly on the road... more like car than truck!

    6 speed manual with P/T lo/hi ratio 4wd. She will go anywhere!

    Usual Jeep kit plus my upgrades... My mum bought this with 1,500 miles on the clock (demonstrator) from local jeep dealer and I bought it off my Mum at 24,000. Now has 95k on it. As soon as I got it the suspension was all upgraded to OME kit which also gave her a 1.5" lift. Spidertrax alloy spacers were fitted to give her a slightly wider gait and replace any stability lost in the lift, Jeepin by Al upper A-arms were brought in from the states and an ARB -winch bumper complete with Warne XD9000 winch was fitted...

    IPF Extreme flood/spots fitted (1 x pencil & 1 x flood) which can be controlled as part of the main beam funcion or independantly switched in and out as desired..

    total cost of this little lot.. approx 4,100.. Winch has been used lightly, twice! (The most off road she has seen are rough FC forestry tracks in Scotland)

    She has Towbar fitted with QR hitch and dual electrics.. this lot was fitted for caravan which she pulled on 4 occassions before we got rid of the caravan so she hasn't been a 'tractor.'

    Then to the interior..

    Small kids get bored in cars so we had tv screens professionally fitted into the headrests with ir headphones, these are controled by the dual zone JVC head unit up front which then runs through 2 Audison amps, 1 powering the front JVC reference speakers and the other monobloc powers the single custom sub that resides in the boot space... The sound system is something to behold!!! This also has ipod and USB feeds and will also do all sorts of other clever stuff!

    Also fitted is a digital & audible pitch & yaw meter/alarm... Also, I had my TomTom 910 hard wired in so will leave that too! the electronics ran to approx 3,000!!

    She is clean and tidy.. a few minor blemishes that I never felt worthy of repair (small dent to the detailing on nearside rear door where some ***** has opened their car door on her in a car park) and an unnoticable one on one of the bonnet headlamp nacelles.. off side..

    So there you have it... it will be a gut wrenching sale but the wife is right (aren't they always!!!!) I need to be realistic!

    Any questions just ask... any inspection welcome.

    Taxed until Jan '14 and Tested until Oct '13

    As soon as the warranty ran out, the servicing was taken over by my freind and neighbour who is the workshop foreman at the local Vauxhall dealership and a card carrying petrol head. All fluids were swapped out for AMSoil and she has been run on Mobil 1 (changed every 6k) since. So.. whilst the official service history as such only runs to approx 30k.. I have kept all receipts for almost everything she has ever been bought or had done.. she has been looked after far better and more frequently than the service schedule requires.

    She has genuine Jeep rubber mats and boot liner fitted but I also have a set of hardly used Jeep carpet carpets too.
    She is worth far more than the asking price and would make a great shooting wagon, tractor, green-laner or daily family driver but at the end of the day, modifications don't add to the Glass' guide price so, my loss will be someone elses gain.

    Bad bits (my moral concience won't let me not mention things!!)

    • A seam has gone in the fabric, drivers side seat where you slide in and out, repairable but currently held together with a strip of Duck tape and I normally have seat covers on for the (non shedding) dog.
    • Handbrake needs new shoes desperately
    • 1 sidelight bulb is out (I would obviously fix this but I can't cet my fat hands in to swap them out.. I'm sure someone with normal sized hands would manage!)
    • Rear BFGs are only 2,000 miles old. The fronts are probably only good for another 2-3K so will need changing soon(ish) the good news is that they will go for 40k plus!
    • A common niggle with jeep gearboxes.. she will pop out of reverse if you don't ensure it is engaged properly (there is a knack to this!)
    • The phono plugs on the line to the Sub amp need replacing

    I'm looking for 3,499 ono

    Any questions just ask.

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    These have got to be the most unknown ,let alone underrated 4x4 of all time. I had one which from approx. 2000 miles when purchaced, did Europe & back numerous times clocking & towing , 235,00 miles before I sadly replaced it with another 2.5/2.8 . The off road capabilities of these are outstanding , along with supreme comfort , giving 30+ mpg on derv, with the torque they put out. Tank like build, you will regret this sale.

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