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Thread: Tikka Long Action Optilock bases and inserts

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    Tikka Long Action Optilock bases and inserts

    anyone have any spares sitting around unloved?

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    Does anyone know if the are the Sako ones the same as the Tikka ones?

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    They don't fit Ed the sako bases ate tapered, the tikka bases are not but as you know the rings are the same!

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    I have a set of LA tikka T3 optilock bases blued here, no rings.., they're my brother in laws though, so you could borow them until end of Sept.?

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    Not clear what you're after, but if you need the plastic rings inserts, then Uttings is the only place I know who does them.

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    sorted for inserts thanks
    still after bases for a Tikka, blued preferably

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