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Thread: scopes again, mid range or save money for a real one

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    scopes again, mid range or save money for a real one

    apologes for opening another thread on scopes i've jist looked down the topics and see dozens more threads like this.
    my dilema jist put my first top class bit of glass on my big rifle (ziess 7*50 ill) it's brilliant, i never realised jist what a difference top class glass makes before now(i'm sure all the big companies are equally as good). now i try and use it for everything although its bulky heavy and badly balanced with the mod on, and not really suited for in and out vehicles and lamping foxes.

    i want to get my 223 out again but need a better scope. is it worth going mid range ie meopta, doctar, bushnell etc. some of these scopes are gettin on for 4- 500 quid. which is alot of money. i am worried i could spend a lot of money and then wish i saved that bit more and got a real top drawer one and so still use my big rifle for everything, so money down the drain.

    i am really looking for reassurance although i think i will have to save some more pennies. as i have read many times on here before buy cheap(ish) buy twice. sort of answereed my own question really but intrested in other folk's opinions.

    ps its the only scope i've got that would take the recoil on my big rifle and it does get reguar outings on bigger game so i would not have time to swap it over

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    Nikko Sterling are very good for the money. Clearly not as good as top quality kit but in terms of performance per they are right up there.

    The light gathering qualities are excellent on the bigger diameter options and I am happy with mine. When I bought it I was looking for a 2nd hand scope from a top quality maker but my local gunshop said I should try a Nikko and if I didn't like it they would buy it back.

    I've still got it and the acid test was on its first outing. I was roe stalking and had given up on the light and was walking down through a cornfield back to the car where the stalker was waiting for me. I heard something moving in the crops, I looked with my biinos but they didn't have enough light but I put the Nikko up and could easily see a roe doe coming through the wheat..

    The stalker had a look when I got to the car and could see the deer through mine but couldn't see as well through his Schmidt & Bender.

    I feel no inclination to spend more than twice as much on even a 2nd hand scope from a top supplier.

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    I've got a Swarovski 4-12x50AV on my .243, and it's a fantastic scope... But I've also got a Docter on my .17HMR, and that too is very clear.

    I went for a Docter as I previously had a 30mm tubed Lynx on my 17 (which was a very good scope too, but I wanted an illuminated reticule), and when I looked round and did my research, to get a similar spec'd Swaro/Zeiss/S&B you were talking a difference of around 400 quid.

    Now - had money been no object, I think I'd probably have bought another Swaro BUT money was an object, hence the decision to go for the Docter. Put 'em side-by-side, and I daresay that the Swaro - or any of the other 'top' names - would have a slightly discernible difference (sharper image at dwindling light, etc), but for my vermin rifle I've no regrets so far about putting the Docter on top. The rabbits I've whacked recently using it haven't noticed any difference

    I guess it comes down to (a) how deep your pockets are, and (b) whether you want a brand new scope - if not, might be worth having a gander round for a decent 2nd hand one from Swaro/Zeiss/S&B?

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    I've got a Swaro 4-12x50 AV on my .243 too. I prefer it to the Schmidt 8x56 it replaced. Cracking 'scope. A good scope is an investment. Had plenty cheaper ones and I've never stuck with them for long. Had a 6x40 Gold Crown Nikko on a .243 for ages though; couldn't afford anything else. Did the job fine, but then the reticle broke. Optics still great, just no crosshair!

    Good scope, good mounts so if you have problems they should be either the rifle, ammunition or you. Best regards, Craig

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    This is where a good local RFD is what a lot of you guy's miss.

    The ability to borrow and compare. Too many of us chase the online retailer price and spread ourselves around thin.

    I have yet to find an online price that my local won't beat, if the importer will supply.

    Downside is that he's only open 0900 - 1900 hours seven days a week, 360 days a year.

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    I"ve got a 8x56 Docter with a illuminated reticule on my .243.
    Crossing a burn while out one day i fell landed on the scope on some rocks in the middle of the burn. Stalking finished for the day i set up some target to check the rifle & scope fired off 3 shots thay all landed within a 1" group about 1" high bang on where i zeroed the rifle.
    Docter scopes ma be mid range in price but cracking scopes.
    Aparentley they are made in a factory that Docter took over from Ziess some years ago.


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    For what it is worth I bought my scope 2nd hand and think I got good value. I paid 250 for an 8X56 S&B that has given me good service for a few years now. With the way prices are going I'd probably get as much for it if I was to sell it again.

    I don't know what your price range is but Macleods in Tain seem to have more of those ex-demo swaros at a good price. I'm sure they would be a much better buy than many of the options at simiar money.

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    Thank's to a very understanding wife I now have a S+B and a Swarovski on my rifles. Before I had these scopes I spent a long time wondering if the rifle would shoot to the same place as when I last used the rifle. I spent years blaming wooden stocks or temp' variations for wandering zeros. Funny thing is once I got a half decent scope these problems went away. I also now have enough faith in my scopes to dial in corrections with the assurance that when I return them to my zero settings they will go back precisely to the same spot.
    Worth noting, when you have saved up for the scope of your dreams ( mine was S+B 5-25x56) save a little while longer for the best mounts you can get. A brilliant scope will perform like an airgun scope on a .270 if it is not held exactly true with no torque from the rings. These for me have been lessons learned the hard way.
    Buy well, cry once. Buy cheap cry often.

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    Leupold 3x9x40 or 3x9x50 would be perfect on a .223. I'm unsure of the prices over there, however you'll roughly pay $600 for a vx2 here in Australia. On exchange, that would equate to 300 pound.

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