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Thread: Rifle cabinet

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    Rifle cabinet

    My FAC is in progress so I am looking for a rifle cabinet to fit scoped rifles. Ideally a 5 rifle size one somewhere in the midlands.

    Many thanks


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    Hi.I could send you a 10 + gun cabinet for 190 inc courier fee or you could collect froom South Wales (NP44)
    its not too pretty but its solid and very useful with the extra space. It measures 600x450x1500, has a shelf and 2 keys for each lock.
    I also have one which is twice as wide (double doors) which would be 205 with courier.
    Let me know if you would like pics or details.


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    Thanks Edd but I think they are both going to be too big - if I could get rid of my shotgun cabinet then I could fit a bigger rifle cabinet but since my FEO decided to put all of my shotguns onto my future wife's certificate, not just her gun, I need to establish from them whether I can store the shotguns with the rifles and just not allow her access. I suspect they will insist on separate cabinets.

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