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Thread: What insurance?

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    What insurance?

    One of the farms I stalk on is going to start renting out the farm as a holiday let and asked if I would be prepared to take the holiday makers out stalking with either camera or rifle and also run some 'clay shooting for beginners' and this they would advertise on their website.
    I did email BASC asking what insurance I would need and Mathew Perring replied telling me about the legal stuff regarding estate rifles and who could and couldn't use shotguns etc but said "As for insurance I canít rally advise, you should have it and it is mandatory if you become a Home Office approved club to operate a range."
    Not really very helpful.
    Does anybody have any pointers with regard what insurance I/the farm would need like who to use and how much?

    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    There are a few company's that will provide the cover you need the price will depend a great deal on the type of cover and the level of cover you require, so one persons premium may not be comparable with someone else's.

    My insurance is with Chaucer insurance £1,000,000 ( not a great amount by todays standards) public liability and
    £1,000,000 product liability.

    Covered for deer stalking on my own and also taking paying clients.
    Also covered for pest control activities with and without the use of firearms.

    Annual premium £245

    Should have said premium also depends on income made from the activity, need to provide figures at renewal, actual income for the period you were insured , and projected figure for the coming year.
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    Sorry, insurance is not Matts forte , you could always ask for me if you have nay insurance questions and I will do all I can to help.

    You may also wish to try Mellerups,

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    Have you contacted the NGO i am sure they would come up with a solution for you as they are doing this day in day out.

    Kind regards Jimbo

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    Thanks guys.
    I've got a few pointers now.
    Sorry for the delay in getting back but events overtook circumstances and I couldn't get back to my PC until now.
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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