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Thread: Stalker Box

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    Stalker Box

    Hi All,
    I have just recieved my copy of the Deer journal. In it is an advertisment for a 'Stalker Box'. Its basically a box full of cleaning products for the stalker to use on himself after gralloching the beast. It looked good so I got on the website. These little boxes cost between 70 and a 100!

    I think I will stick to boiling up my 'Kelly kettle' and using a nail brush, a plastic basin and good old soap! At least then I've some hot water left to make a cup of tea.

    In case anyone is not familiar with a Kelly Kettle, its a double skinned metal cone with a chimmney at the top. You drop twigs and grass down the chimmney, light it and it heats the water between the double metal skin. Nice for a brew on the go!

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    Whats wrong with a puddle and some long grass?

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    A mate and I got talking to the lads on the Chelsea Hygiene stand at the Midland Gamefair last year. They seemed very enthusiastic about their products and were good enough to give us some free samples, but I've no doubt you could buy the gear a lot cheaper from a veterinary or agricultural supplier.

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    Kelly Kettle, Fantastic piece of kit mate, Ive had mine for years & its served me well. I kept it in the back of my old ex Camel trophy 110 defender. The defender was as battered as my kelly kettle.

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    Blimey Nick,
    Me too! I drive an old ex army 110 and I live out of it! Rifles, dogs, ferrets, chainsaw, Kelly Kettle, wellies, tent everything's in it! I do like my kelly. I've got the big stainley flasks, but making a fire and doing your thing, be it gralloching a deer or hedgelaying; it makes the experience so much better!

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    Must admit it does seem to finish off a good day lighting it up & just sitting back watching the smoke bellow out then brewing up
    You cant beat it on a winters day mate

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    My Old 110 was support vehicle number 13 from the 1996 Kalimantan Camel Trophy event. 13 some say is an unlucky number, It was for this vehicle as it ended up on its side on the event. It was well battered when i bought it & there wasnt a straight panel on it. I left it with the event scars on it & just sorted out the mechanicals & it was great it was always full up with camping & shooting stuff.

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    I get loads of stick from the guys at work about my truck. They like flashy cars. I tell them all the time that I have nothing to prove to anyone, my Landy gets me where I want to go and keeps me there! Its a working vehicle not a penis extention!

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