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Thread: Ultrafine Wind Detection Powder

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    Ultrafine Wind Detection Powder

    Any tips on the best ulrafine white powder to replenish my droper bottle and where to purchase?



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    Climbers chalk works for me. Got it off a mate so can't help with a vendor I'm afraid.
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    Talc - Useful both for wind detection and sweaty balls

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    long walk anti chaff powder works just fine

    Quote Originally Posted by sir-slots-alot View Post
    Talc - Useful both for wind detection and sweaty balls

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    grind up a few sticks of regular chalk in pestle & mortar, works fine

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    Or if you are on the ground, fine ash from the peat burner / camp fire.
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    Light a fag and watch the smoke.

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    Kids bubble blower


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    Quote Originally Posted by klunk View Post
    Light a fag and watch the smoke.
    Or a fat cigar and I might imagine myself the late Elmer "Long Shot" Keith!

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    Code blue smoke detector. But we've sold out.

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